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Donal 8th August 2008 01:22 PM

Isonic 122 & 86 Fins
Hi Kevin,

I'm trying to decide on replacement fins for my isonics. Can I ask what you think of this setup please? I'm 1.80m and 83kg.

Isonic 122, 9.2m, SL2 48cm (very light wind) & SL4 40cm (Powered up)
Isonic 122, 7.6m, SL4 40cm (Powered up) & SL4 (very powered up)

Isonic 87, 6.6m, SL4 34cm (Slalom)
Isonic 87, 5.0m, SL4 30cm (Slalom & Fun Speed)

Also, can I ask what booms you recommend for 5.0 - 9.2 slalom?

Thanks you for all help.


Kevin Pritchard 9th August 2008 03:22 AM


That looks great. Perfect.

I have been using the HPL booms. They are working nicely for the big sails.

Hope this helps.


Donal 11th August 2008 12:14 PM

Fins for Isonic 122 & 87
Thanks buddy.

Looks forward to trying them fins.


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