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Unregistered 12th August 2008 02:53 PM

EVO 92 Skeg size
Just bought an Evo 92.(05) Using as smallest board,eventually. (under k106).
Standard fin seems a bit small for intended sail size use. (5.5 and below)I`m 103 kg.
Whats biggest fin recomended (can get?)???
I,m a good intermediate sailor and taking weight into account whats min wind I should get board planing in.??? I was struggling in a good F4.Blaming small fin at moment. (Want to get feel for board before using it in very strong winds) At 63cm wide thought it would work (even for me) in 6 metre weather.Dont think it does ??!

Ola_H 12th August 2008 05:20 PM

There's a fair bit of rocker in the EVOs and they require a slightly different technique to get going early. Get in the straps very early and then almost lift with your back foot (you are actually not really lifting the tail, but acting on this advice will do a few other things to the technique, as fx keep the board flat and not load up the tail and fin too much).

When it comes to fins, I would look for a 08 or 09 original EVO fin, the Drake Natural in size 25 or 26. These are still rather soft wave fins, but the shear size will make em work. Some prefer stiffer and less swept back, crossover like fins. Ten there is a plethora of options. The Drake Crossover is one. For 6.0 at your weight I would say 26-28 could be worth trying if you want some extra fin power feel.

The board should work with a 6.0 for you, at least if your a bit light footed. But actually, one of the reasons the EVO 100 was developed was to give a more effective platform for 100kg+ guys with bigger sails. Apart from just being thicker, the kind of flat part of the rocker under the mast foot extends a bit more forwards which makes it handle the "lifting phase" when transitioning onto a plane easier when bogged down by big sail+big rider.

So, with that in mind it becomes apparent that the 92 will require some feel to work efficiently. Not to far back, not to far forwards. But practice makes perfect, so just get on it again. And the more powered up you get, the less of an issue this is. Actually, light wind early planing is where the EVOs require the most technique, I would say.

I hope this helps a bit. Good luck.

Unregistered 12th August 2008 10:46 PM

Thanks Ola.
It helps loads.
Not really wanting great 6 metre performance .(got that with kombat) Wanted to be able to use board (fairly efficiently/proficiently) before putting it through its paces in intended weather. (5 metre and below when k has strarted bouncing a bit)
Will look for a crossover 28.
Thanks again

Timo 13th August 2008 04:16 AM

I use 24 and 25 in my Evo 90, both work great!

Unregistered 13th August 2008 04:28 PM

What size sails; whats your weight and whats minimum you can comfortably sail in.

Timo 16th August 2008 09:10 PM


I'm 90kg so use the 90 in good waves with a 24 fin with a 5.9m maximum. For onshore with max sail a 6.3 i use the 25.
Hope that helps

Jens Berger 18th August 2008 03:35 PM

Hi ?
When I was ca. 110 kg I didn't rate my 92l Evo 2004 at all because with the small 24 cm it came with it was very hard to get it moving. This all changed when I put in a 25 cm Drake Natural Wave because the board got heaps more drive, but didn't lose its appeal as a wave board. Since that time I've lost about 17 kg and played around with all sorts of fins. The Drake 25 cm stands out in terms of drive/looseness. With a 5.8m2 sail I can get this combo going in pretty light winds nowadays (ca. 13-20 knots maybe), and even if the wind drops to bugger all I still get back in no probs. When the wind and waves pick up a bit I tend to go down to a MFC 22cm so that the cutback doesn't feel over finned. Makes the board looser too, and in heavier winds you don't need so much drive.

Try the Drake 25 cm. If you're sailing in waves I'd be hesitant about going up to a 28 cm crossover fin because you'll probably straighten all the fun out of the board.

Cheers, Jens

Floyd 18th August 2008 04:58 PM

Thanks everybody.Bought a 25cm (wave) and a 28 is on its way.
Will give board a try with those.
(Got weight to 100k aswell!)

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