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Mr.Wulfy 14th August 2008 05:18 PM

questions to Taty
Hallo Taty,

I'm 67kg and asking me if the flare 106l from 2009 is good for me as well?

Normally I used 100l boards but I think sliding and double moves are much more easier with the bigger one, is that true?
I think shakas, ponch, culo and so are easier with smaller boards that's for shure!

Do you think it makes sens to have a 100l and a 106l board?

At the PWa I saw a lot of riders are using bigger board like Tonky, also in high wind conditions and I like his style. Gollito is using a smaller board and I don't realy like his style.
How many liters have the board from Tonky and you?

Thanks for the answer

Taty Frans 15th August 2008 07:49 AM

Hi Wulfy,

Basically the boards that all of the Pwa riders are using are the board that they use the most in trainig.

Like Gollito he likes small boards and he prefere to use his small board in competition aswell.

I am 74kg and I use the 98 Flare 2009 ALOT. I like it even in high conditions.

As far as Tonky he uses more the 108 but he likes the 99 aswell.

I believe as for you the 100 liter or smaller will be best for you.

this way you can still have airmove and be comfortable when doing double move.

Taty Frans NB-9

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