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catrine 1st October 2006 06:38 AM

From old slalom board to ...?
Hi windsurfing sisters!

Greetings from the cold waters up here in Scandinavia.

I have been sailing an old, very unstable slalom board
(1991 Mistral Shredder, Width 58 cm, Length 298 cm, Volume 128 l.)
I have never really felt very comfortable on this board.
I consider myself an intermediate-low end recreational sailor.
I can tack and I am learning to jibe, but I havent really tried waterstarting.
I am 5,7" (171 cm) and my weight is 54 kg (119 pounds).

I would really like to buy a new board now, and I am considering the Starboard Carve 111 or 122 l. I will use a new 4,7 North Sail (Drive Light).

Some windsurfingexpert-men say that 100 liters would be more than enough for me, others say I should go for 122... so then I am thinking about something in between; the Carve 111.

I guess the new boards provide more stability, although they are shorter, than the one I am used to...

Any opinions?

:) Catrine

Oslo, Norway

Kerstin 14th November 2006 07:17 PM

RE: From old slalom board to ...?
Hi Catrine,
depends in which place you plan to learn to jibe and to waterstart. If it is warm, sunny and shallow you can make it with the 111 for sure. But I would suggest to take the bigger version, the CARVE 122. The board will give you a safer feeling and faster success in advancing.
The boards are shorter and are well cushioned.
All the best,

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