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Unregistered 20th August 2008 01:09 AM

sail size
I have a 2004 start board, I weigh 210 lbs., I sail on a small lake in Saskatchewan. What size of sail do I need to get this board to plane? I have been out in 25km winds with the stock sail and I just won't come up on a plane.

James 20th August 2008 01:09 PM

You need a 9.5 m2 sail to plane in 25 kmph. How big is the stock sail?

You can calculate the size sails you need for different wind strengths using this online sail size calculator:

If you don't want to get such a large sail, then you could consider getting a longer, narrower board, which will go faster when it's not planing.

Roger 20th August 2008 05:06 PM

Hi Unregistered,
What size 2004 Start do you have?
There were 3 sizes in 2004...
Start x-small 150 235 85 56.0 13.0
Start small 180 255 100 67.7 14.2
Start large 210 265 110 71.8 15.5

With your weight at 210 lbs. (95.25 Kg.) I hope that you have the Start Large.

Your 25 kilometers/hr windspeed = 15.5 mph = 13.49 knots= mid Bft F4

If you have the Start Large (210 liters volume x 110 cm wide) you should be able to get planing in this windspeed with an 8.5 m2 sail.
I will ask the same question as James because there was no specific "packaged rig" that came with 2004 Starts. What size is your "stock sail". Also, what brand and model and what mast do you have?
Sailing on fresh water is not helping things due to less buoyancy, but a sailor your size should be able to get planing (with a good skill set) with a powerful 8.5 m2 rig on either the Start Large or the 180 liter Start S in about 14 kknots of wind.
Hope this helps,

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