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Lehmann-th 20th August 2008 11:18 AM

Apollo 2009?

I want to buy my 1st formula board, due to moving to Malaysia (Malacca) and having only low wind there.
Is the Apollo still produced. I cannot find it in the 2009 catalogue?
What is the best board for early planning at low wind?
My weight is about 80kg at 178cm size.

Best regards,

sergio k 20th August 2008 08:15 PM

all current batch of formula board are plain early, if you can find Apollo it should give
you some extra pop, but the other 2 big factors in early plaining, are your pumping technique and fin selection (custom would be the best way to go currently)

If you can't find Apollo, I hear gaastra formula is friendly to heavier guys, or you can order
a custom board from Mike's Lab maybe, for same price or cheaper than production retails,
and get a better construction

Jean-Marc 21st August 2008 01:59 AM


Please find future specs of Apollo 2009 once to be ready for release here :

With a Severne Code Red3 11m2 sail and the stock Drake 75 cm fin, the french magazine Planchemag test crew surmised that they were able to start planing as low as in 6 knots of wind and sustained planing as low as in 5 or perhaps 4.5 knots of wind.



Lehmann-th 26th August 2008 09:00 AM

When will the 2009 Apollo be available?
Best regards,

Jean-Marc 27th August 2008 02:16 PM


You can place an order now.

For delivery scheduling, please contact your local distributor or your shop as shown in the following listing :

Cheers !


Lehmann-th 11th September 2008 02:31 PM

My dristributor tells me no Apollo is planned for 2009,

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