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griff 22nd August 2008 04:44 PM

E80 2009
The '08 E80 is more highwind than the '06 E83 (I had the E83 in the past and now owning the E80'08), now with the new shape which is thinner and the new nose is the new '09 E80 more highwind than the '08 E80?


Ola_H 22nd August 2008 07:31 PM

I would say the differences in nose and deck shape towards 09 has no impact in light wind performance relative the 07/08 shape but possible can improve high wind performance a bit. A thinner deck around the mast foot generally has that effect (but the problem is that you have to put back the volume somewhere, so you can't take it too far). But again, the change is very small so expect no miracles.

But there seems to be some other small changes too (outline in the tail fx) and to me the new 80 clearly is a bit more agile and give a faster impression, sort of. This could be an affect of the lighter WoodCarbon construction I've used though. Hard to say and the difference is much smaller than the 06 to 07/08 change.

griff 29th October 2008 10:44 PM


I was in the shop yesterday were I had my own E80'08 together with the E80'09 and saw some differences;

- it looks like the 09 is a few liters smaller than the 08, is this correct?
- bottom shape in the tail is quite different; 08 model has significant more V in the tail as the 09 has more sharper rails. Does this means that the 09 feels looser on a wave?



Ola_H 30th October 2008 01:36 AM

I'm gonna have to check the volume. I didn't notice a difference on water in pure volume, but at 80, +- a few does not make much of a difference for me (at 70 kilos).

But the differences in the tail might make up some of the difference in ride which I write about above. For me, it was not so much a question of looseness on the wave. More a slightly higher and more agile ride. I would guess the extra v is there to keep the looseness and ability to enter a top turn smoothly despite the tail being a bit wider. The sharper rails might be one of the things that make the board more agile.

As so often with the EVOs in the big scheme of things consecutive boards are very similar, but at the same time there is a always some fine tuning going on, to make the new boards do its thing even better. In the 80 08->09 case, all those little changes here and there seem to add up a board that kind of performs the same overall but has that higher and crisper ride which is especially noticeable in the light wind part of the spectrum.

griff 30th October 2008 02:29 AM

thanks, interesting how they change the bottomshapes of the evo during the years without losing the evo feel; the evo83 I had a looser and more surf feel in low-wind as the XTV's which has much more V, now they changed the evo80-09 back to the flat tail shape of the evo83 only with sharper rails. The evo80-08 should have a higher windrange based on the V so maybe that is why they lowered the volume by shaving of some foam in the nose and center (flatter deck).

What has changed in the rocker? Evo80-08 compared to Evo80-09?

cheers, griff

Ola_H 30th October 2008 03:46 AM

I actually don't remember all the details of the shapes, only how I found the boards on the water. But I recall the E83 had a different shape actually, with a single concave running further back, so I don't see the 09 E80 as a step back towards that. The E83 looks quite different overall if you compare them and both the 08 and 09 80 are much sleeker and with thinner rails. My personal opinion on the E83 was rather that it was less loose, but with a nice kind of "hooky" drive in a bottom turn on a good wave. Maybe at really slow speeds the thicker rails might have given a feel of extra looseness. The big update on the 07/08 was for me the much easier top turn which is there on the 09 too. The 08 was overall a board tha felt more refined and the 09 takes this s step further.

But in any case, the ride is the sum of all the shape details and when many things change, you generally can't say so much by only looking at a particular detail.

Ola_H 30th October 2008 04:03 PM

OK, I got the tank measured volumes from the head quarters.

2009 = 83L.
2008 = 81L.
2007 = 81L.
2006 = 81L (EVO 83).

07 and 08 are the same shape afaik, so those should be exact. There are som slight margins of error in a tank measuring process though. In practice I think we can safely think of all those boards as similar volumed. Even rather slight shape differences (rail shape, outline, deck shape etc) can easily make up for 2 liters actual volume difference when it comes to "the feel of float".

griff 31st October 2008 05:44 AM

Hi Ola,

Many thanks for the information, I was trying to get an idea of the 09 evo compared to my current board and what the shape changes would differ the ride. There is not a test board available so its all guessing from my side and trying to understand what the 09 will bring me compared to my 08 model.


Ola_H 31st October 2008 06:39 AM

A new board is always nice and the wood carbon construction makes it even nicer. And in these financial times it's maybe more important than ever to give oneself a real treat in the form of a brand new board.

But from a pure sailing perspective, you can safely stay on your 2008 if you feel a new 09 is a lot of money. The 07/08 EVO 80 is an amazing board and the 09 an evolution rather than a revolution. An update rather than a change.

Don't get me wrong, we're more than happy to sell you a new boards, but we do want you to be happy on the old one too.

So its either:
"A new board: Because you're worth it"
"Stay on the old board: Because its worth it"

Well, I'm rambling more than usual now...time for bed.

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