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CCVT 24th August 2008 09:21 PM

Fast Freeride Kode 112 or Futura 111 wood ?
Hi Kevin

I am looking for a new SB to replace my 2006 115 S-type wood. I like the speed and fast feeling of the S-type, at the same it feels sooooo comfortable. The S-type is by fare the best board I have had so fare, but now is the time for an upgrade....I am considering the Futura 111 wood...natural replacement of the S-type and Carve, but the kode 112 wood carbon seems also an option as a fast freerider....What is your opinion of the two boards ??

Thanks in advance

Kevin Pritchard 28th August 2008 02:35 AM


I am also a fan of the Stype. It is a hard board to replace that is for sure. For speed I think I would go with the Futura 111, I think this is the best one to replace the Stype with. If you want a more turny slashyer freeride.. pardon the english, then the Kode would be a great choice.

Hope this helps.


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