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guimarie 28th August 2008 05:48 PM

beginning formula
hello, i sail actually with a AHD 295 and a 10m2 sails.
I pound 85 kg and have experience in windsurfing, i would like to know wich board could i buy to start with a formula.

chr 3rd September 2008 11:09 AM

The 162 is a nice first formula board

If you buy a new board, you will be happy with a Starboard Formula 162. If you want a secondhand board, both 160 and 161 will serve you well. For someone your size, a 10 meter sail fits fine for starting out with Formula. Later on you may want a 12.0 for light wind days.

If you importer or shop has them, a "HD mast impact protector", shown in the Accessories section of the Starboard website, could save you from having to repair the nose of the board. Set the rear straps a little wide, that will make it easier to get into and stay in the straps going downwind. Good luck on starting with formula!

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