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Unregistered 29th August 2008 10:52 PM

Which board should I buy ? Carve or Futura ? And 122 or 133 litres ?
Hi - can anyone advise me ?

Background is this:

1) I'm 46, 75kgs and reasonably fit.
2) I used to sail a lot when I was young and did a small amount of course and slalom racing.
3) Over the last 15 years I have windsurfed v little due to children etc etc
4) Most of my gear is old. I have Tush and Pryde sails ranging from 3.3 up to 7.5. My boards are a Mistral One Design (3.80m long board), plus an F2 Sunset Slalom Race (approx 2.8 m long, and 105litres). With N Pryde booms, and 2 'old' Rotho masts.
5) I now intend to start windsurfing again last I here you say !
6) A couple weeks ago I started buying some more modern sails.
7) Plus I'm looking to buy a new more floaty short board that I can use in a force 2- 4. With sails probably from 6m - 8.5m. So I would still use the long board for v low wind, and the sunset race in high wind. From reading articles and talking to windsurfing friends, I 've come down to either a Starboard Carve 133 or Futura 133, (or do I go lighter to say 122 ?) The other one that has popped up is a Starboard F-type 133. My key requirement is that I want a board that is user friendly/easy to use, and that I don't have to water start ! (albeit I can do this very easily). I am also a very competent gyber (once I've had a few runs to remind myself what I need to do ). Gone are the days when I wanted the fastest board, especially given I will still only be an occasionally windsurfer.

So what should I do ? Help would be appreciated......

Unregistered 30th August 2008 12:39 PM

- the FT138 would get you planning in marginal condidition 9- 10 kts with your 7.5
- the C133 and FU133 are quite similar in stability (not easy to fall off)
- the C133 is in comparison to the FU133 a real bore (slow, not very manouverable)

The FT138 can't really be compared to the other 2 boards (the C133 and FU133 will never plane as early or go anywhere as fast as the FT138 in 9-14 kts of wind and fairly flat water). The FT138 is a light wind speedster (pity is you're fast enough to really pop small swell, but if you get a FT138 wood you should be smart and keep it flat).

The question comes down to targeted wind range: from ~ 12 kts on the C133 and FU133 with a 7.5 at your weight can become fun. If you only want the board for 14+ kts -> you should maybe take a closer look at the FU122. The 2008 FU models were a bit wider than the 2009 (my experience is based on the FT138 , C133 2007 and FU133 2008) == they could very well need an additional kt or so to get going (a thread asking the team on this issue went unanswered).

hope this helps

crazychemical 30th August 2008 01:51 PM

If you used to be a slalom racer u'll find more pleasure from the Futura 122 then the carve or the F-type. They're more slalom directed, that was the objective of SB when the designed this new line of freeriders.
Whatever you do, don't get rid of that One Design. Those are beauties, and the O.D is still used in racing today (in open slalom races, when there's like no wind, most guys bring back their longboards, and the O.D is a machine in those circumstances!)

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