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Erich 3rd October 2006 07:24 PM

Which second board for an F-Type 138 owner?

last year I convinced a friend of mine to buy an F-Type 138. He is very happy with this board which he primarily uses with his NP RS6 7.2/8.5 race sails. He now wants to buy a second board to make life a bit easier in stronger winds (lets say above 16 knots).
This board should be sailable with the NP RS6 7.2 as well as with a 6qm Free Ride sail. His weight is approx. 75 kg. He has good experience in windsurfing but gibes are a weak point (will improve this but tacks should be no problem on the new board). Uphauling the sail is a must at his favorite spot (Lake of Garda in Italy), so sufficient volume is required (no wet knees, please).
I have thought of a Carve 111 or a SType 115 but the real volume of the SType 115 is just 108 litres (??).
Unfortunately he doesn't like the iSonics although that board (which one) might be the best solution???
Any proposals??

PG 5th October 2006 11:18 AM

RE: Which second board for a F-Type 138 owner?
Hi Erich,

I think you are on the rights tracks. Either the C111 or the ST115 would be spot on. Both have enough volume to uphaul the sail with almost dry feet.

I would recommend the C111 because it is a much better board to train jibes. And good jibes give such a sweet feeling :-)


Ian Fox 14th October 2006 05:42 PM

RE: Which second board for an F-Type 138 owner?
Hi Erich,

We're all thinking on the same track; as with PG, I would suggest the C111 for a more relaxed and progressive jibe style (ST is a bit more technical).
With 75kg, his ankles will be damp but knees should be dry :)
Any bigger volume would be too much overlap to FT138 range, and not so sweet or reactive into the jibes. Tacks are possible - but reasonably challenging for most intermediate sailors - on all boards around these dimensions. Hopefully having a sweet carving ride will reduce any reliance on tacks and soon have him slingshotting in + out of the turns. :)

Cheers ~ Ian

Erich 14th October 2006 10:47 PM

RE: Which second board for an F-Type 138 owner?
Hi Ian,

thanks for your reply. Yes, the C111 was the board I had thought best for my friend, too. Only concern was that the NP RS6 7.2 qm (a pure race sail) which he definitely will use on that board would not fit on a Carve, but obviously this is not as strong a point (although a freeride sail would be a better choice) ???


steveC 15th October 2006 12:46 AM

RE: Which second board for an F-Type 138 owner?
Hi Erich,

I thought that I would comment on your last post above. Although matching a race sail to a freeride board appears to be somewhat questionable, your friend could balance the equation a bit with a good high performance slalom fin. I find that creating narrow boundaries can limit one's opportunities. Personally, depending on the conditions and the locale, I sometimes like matching different concept fins to many of my boards. I have often been pleasantly surprised with the performance tradeoffs.

Ian Fox 15th October 2006 05:55 PM

RE: Which second board for an F-Type 138 owner?
Hi Erich,

Using the RS6 7.2m will be OK with the C111, especially when set up with outboard (semi slalom) mode straps. Using a slalom fin on these boards is definitely possible (and normally with an RS would be a good combo/option) but it definitely stiffens up the ride/handling, and detracts from the natural jibe character the Carve is legendary for. In this case I wouldn't rush to recommend a slalom fin until your friend enjoyed the benefit of the easy jibing nature of the Carve with its freeride fin - obviously an easy and secure, progressive jibe will help him improve his jibes (and confidence). And fun factor.

Obviously, having a good freeride sail would make an even better match (and an easier progression in skill/fun etc) but if he insists on the RS, well at least have a few good sessions on the freeride fin before converting the C111 to a demi slalom rocket with the race /slalom fin.

Cheers ~ Ian

Erich 15th October 2006 10:08 PM

RE: Which second board for an F-Type 138 owner?
Hi Ian, hi SteveC,

thanks a lot!! I'm sure my friend will enjoy his Carve 111. No problem with the fins because I do have some Deboichet Slalom fins he can try to make up his own decision.

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