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KaiB 2nd September 2008 06:31 PM

Which Fin for my IS 111?

I have a 07 iSonic 111 and will use it mostly for free sailing, but may race occasionally. I will use my 7.3 most often, but will go to my 8.3 and 6.6 on occasion with this board. I weigh 95kg.

My experience so far with the Drake fins (36 & 42) that came with the board is that they seem a bit slow. I expected a little faster top speeds (gps) than I am seeing. Could be my sailing skill, but possibly the fins.

The 36 fin will spin out occasionally while pointing slightly up wind in 10 to 20 cm chop, but the real problem is getting the fin back in line after the spin out. Many fins seem to correct easily, but this one doesn't. I know how to pull the fin back in with the back foot, but unless I get it fully back in line, the spinout continues. I have been windsurfing and racing for 5 years and this fin is the worst I have experienced for correcting after a spinout.

I haven't had any real spinout problems with the 42, but when it spinouts it's also very hard to get back in track.

Any suggestions for fins that will improve control, increase speed & help with spinout. I usually sail in flat water with small chop (10 - 20cm).

I know about the DB, but what about MFC og Select?

Best regards
Kai Bjorndal

Ken 2nd September 2008 09:12 PM


I don't know if the Drake fins on the '07 iS 111 are the same as the '08, but I have experienced the same thing with the '08 fins (38cm and 44cm).

I too sail in flat water with lots of chop, which means that there is a lot of air going under the board. A little too much back foot pressure and the fin spins out.

The 38 is very prone to spinning out in choppy conditions. Part of this is sailor skill, but a large part is the fin. Once it spins out, pulling it back in is almost impossible. However, I don't think the fins are slow, but you can't be fast sailing sideways.

The 44 is better than the 38. If you have the red colored fins, the printing on the fins is raised a bit, so sanding them down smooth will help. I noticed a slight improvement after sanding. Clearly these fins were designed for down wind slalom, with very little foil in the fin to reduce drag. However, any pressure on the back foot to head up wind (Figure 8 slalom) and you are dead.

Given various reports I have seen, you can't go wrong with the Deb fins. However, I decided to try a Techtonics Tomcat 42, which I use with my 6.6, 7.4 and 8.4. I weigh 79kg. Speed wise, I can't tell any difference from the Drakes, but spin out is rare and if I do push out the fin, it comes back almost immediately.

I looked at the MFC fins, but the surfaces are not smooth because of the lines running through the material. This scared me away. MFC is famous for surf sailing fins, but slalom??

I have read good things about Select fins too, but I have no direct knowledge about them.

Hope this helps.

Expander 2nd September 2008 09:15 PM


Hi KaiB,

about 2007 iS 111 and Select fins please, check this post



- Expander.

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