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Unregistered 5th September 2008 09:31 PM

"dual concept" - Kode Tufskin vs. Kombat Tufskin
Hello SB team and all!
I found that "dual concept" board Kombat Tufskin have appeared once in 2008 and been replaced by Kode Tufskin in 2009. Actually, the specification is the same: size, weight, (shape?), etc.
I'm considering to buy Kombat Tufskin in order to share it with my 10 y.o. daughter. (First steps for her and hope to have fun rides for myself).

Also have in mind to buy next season the bigger board for lighter winds if the Kombat Tufskin 122 or 114 will not be good enough for wide wind range.

Could you, please, advise the choice between 114 and 122 l for me (77 kilos and progressing level).

Ola_H 7th September 2008 02:38 PM

At 77 kilos you can use either one unless you want to use very large sails when the bigger version is better. But the smaller one will feel easier to handle with smaller sails and when powered up.

It's more a question of how much stability you want to your daughter. If you want to play safe, the bigger version provides a bit more stability. So maybe this is the best choice after all.

Unregistered 8th September 2008 12:40 PM

Tufskin 122
thanks, Ola,
I'll go for 122. The biggest sail I use now is 8.5 sq.m. MauiSails MS2

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