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aa25 12th September 2008 05:30 AM

Kode 86 & 74 or Kode 80
I'm 74 kg and a competent wavesailor & freestyler.
I'm having trouble deciding which Kode(s) to get. I'm not sure whether to get a 86 Kode to cover light wind waves&freestyle plus a 74 Kode for windier days or just go an 80 Kode as potentially a one board solution.

I used to ride a 95kombat and 74 evo and got stuck with a big gap where 95kombat too big in waves but not windy enough for 74 evo. Bit worried might have same problem with 86 and 74 Kode.

I've tried 86 in waves & freestyle. It's excellent for freestyle & a damn good board in waves but for my weight does feel a tad big. I think the principle that I keep defaulting back to is to try and get away with smallest board possible for light wind days (to ensure good wave performance) but still have enough float to get out through the break.

I used to ride a 77 fanatic freewave and this was just a bit too small for light wind days. Thinking 80 Kode could just provide me enough float and be a good freestyle platform. I tend to not ride bigger than 5.3. At my weight can plane with 5.3 in about 16+ knots. Below that I'm not interested except for waveriding. So is the 80 Kode small for its size (i.e. more equivalent to 77l) or a potentially good one board solution (espec. with smaller fin for windy days)?


Taty Frans 12th September 2008 07:11 AM

Hi Andy,

I am the same weight as you.

The Kode 80 is more a wave board then a freestyle board.

I have sailed the 80 liter kode in Pozo this year and found it fantastic.

You have to realized that the kode 80 i base as the ACID.

So if you are looking more towards waveriding and sailing in heavy windy days
then the Kode 80 will be your board of choice.

But if you are looking more towards having fun freestyling then the 86 will be your choice.

aa25 13th September 2008 04:30 PM

Thanks for the feedback Taty.
Do you think the 80Kode would have enough float for light wind waveriding for my weight (74kg)? I know the Kodes plane early so If I can get out through the break on the 80 in light winds then it could do me fine as one board for everything. Otherwise I suppose I could just pair the 80 with the 86 for my freestyle. The 86 feels excellent for freestyle, sliding so well in spocks, however it does feel a tad big for my weight in the waves. I suppose it'll get me waves when it's super light though. I keep thinking I might be best to have two boards, 86 for my freestyle and light wavesailing and then the 80 or 74 for highwind waves.

Ola_H 13th September 2008 09:08 PM

Yes, I think the K80 will handle light wind wave sailing fine. But if you already have (or intend to get) the K86, I think the K74 will be a better partner. From powered up 5.3 and down the K74 work and it will be far easier to control on a wave with smaller sails (say 4.5 and below). And since the K86 is still really fun in wave when its light I thinkt eh K74 is the better choice.

aa25 14th September 2008 10:28 AM

Ok thanks for that.
It's sounding like the K86 and K74 should cover most of my sailing pretty well, from lighter wind waves, freestyle to stronger winds and waves. I like the versatility of the K86, how can still just cruise on it freeriding, and bust moves whenever feel like it and also ride waves. It's excellent how it holds on plane in lulls. This feature stood out for me when I tested it. Thanks again for feedback.

sailpower 16th September 2008 09:06 PM

Hi aa25

I'm 80 kg and I have acid (kode) 74 and 86. It's really a perfect set for ride in waves from 15 to 35-40 knots and freestyle/wave in lightwind with 15 knots and choppy spots.

The 74 is my favorite board since I windsurf (20 years) and the 86 is a good waveboard that I use when wind is light or not regular, I use it all summer in fuerteventura in onshore and cross off conditions and it's really good.
Choose 74 and 86 it's perfect

aa25 17th September 2008 01:08 PM

Ok great! That's it! I think I might get the 86 and 74. The 86 kode is probably the best freestyle/wave combo around! I've been waiting for years for a board that excels at freestyle, yet has looseness in waves. Other freestyle/wave boards are good at freestyle but don't quite have the looseness. 74 sounds good too!

barneyG 18th September 2008 10:02 PM

just to ask a quick question, save starting a new thread. I'm 60kg and looking for a new freestyle wave board, mainly waves. I normally sailed an older 90ltr board but its got a really long nose so messes up when comparing to modern dimensions. the width and tail width are the same as the K86 but would the newer shapes be too big for me as you guys are saying that a 86 was too big for a 74kg guy. i also want to do basic freestyle (not quite landing vulcans yet), what do you think between 86 or 80?

Screamer 20th September 2008 01:02 AM

It's really hard to give advice when you want to compare it to your old board. You want wave ability, so I think Kode 80 will do the job fine although it's 10 litres smaller. At your weight it will carry 5.5 or 5.7 easily.
Can you try before you buy?

Ola_H 21st September 2008 05:12 PM

Barney: It depends on what type of sailing you will be doing. As long as it's not wave sailing you can get away with a bigger board and if you want to do freestyle it can be an advantage. The Kode 80 has a narrower tail and will maybe not be as easy to pop jumps one. But on the other hands, people do radical freestyle stuff on wave boards all the time, so its not like the 80 would not work.

If you're primarily interested in freestyle you could also go for one of the smaller Flares which are in fact also very nice boards to just ride around on.

But as far as Kodes go the summary for you would be

Freestyle priority => Kode 86
Best "fit" and widest range overall => kode 80

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