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Surfmeister 12th September 2008 08:30 PM

Evil Twin - The death of the Evo?
After reading alot of forums, tests etc it seems that single fin waveboards will soon be nothing but a memory.....Everybody is calling it a revolution and that twin-fins are basically better at everything for e.g. onshore wavesailing. Is this really a fact or a major marketing stunt? Previously the Evo has been the #1 choice for onshore wavesailing but now it seems that the ET or some other twinfin is the way to go, or?

Why should I be getting an an Evo instead of an Evil Twin? What are the benefits of an Evo compared to an ET? I sail on the westcoast of Sweden 1-3m x-on sailing and am strongly focused on frontside riding. I currently sail the Evo74 2006 but am considering updating to a newer Evo or an ET/twinfin (?).

Ola_H 13th September 2008 03:43 PM

I don't think that will happen, ie that single fin wave boards will disappear. I agree there are some very interesting aspects in twin fin designs though. And since I got my Evil Twin it has easily been my mostly used board. But there is clearly a certain novelty factor in there. Partly, some of it comes from many that many people have been riding rather similar fast rockered trad type wave boards for long. When you go from that to a twin (pretty much any one of them) you will be blow away by some aspects of it and _because_ its a twin (and hence expected to be different) some you are likely to "forgive" some other things that may not be as good as your regular board. So, twin fin boards does a great job of opening up peoples minds. The EVO did that to when its was new, but there was always a group of people that didn't like it because it did not provide a radical enough feel for them.

So, my (personal) expectation is that this will influence the single fins too and that some sailors will sail twins for a while and then go forward to a "new type of single". Some will stay with twinsers of course.

When talking specifically about the EVO, I still think its a valid option for a maximum range board where range is both measured in wind strength and in wave riding speed (ie wave type and quality) and its in a way closer to the "twin fin feel" than most other twin fins by already being very turny and loose. As I wrote above, I've spent more time on my ET74 this summer than on my other boards combined. But when I took out the EVO 70 a week ago, I was blow away by its smoothness and the new "style" I've gotten from riding twinsers was rather easily incorporated in the EVO ride too. You don't get that "twin fin top turn feel", but with some more precision put into the top turn setup you can pull the same move off anyway. The next session I was back on the ET, and loved it but if I could only keep one of them it would have to be the EVO 70 for its range and amazing level of refinement.

But I really look forward to how twin fins in general will develop. And how different brand will niche their single fins.

Anowan 16th September 2008 03:48 AM

Ola, were you on the new 2009 Evo 70 ?
if yes , what construction ?
and how does it compare to previous Evo 70s ?

Ola_H 16th September 2008 01:03 PM

Yes it was a 09 EVO 70 WoodCarbon. The shape and fell is very, very similar to the 07 version, but with some small updates (slightly smoother outline with a narrower nose and even flatter deck). The 08 was a bit thicker overall and in the rails and had a bit more hipped outline. I personally prefer the 07/09.

As for how the _construction felt_ a light board is always nice. It's still a rather lively constructions though, not dead stiff. So far it has held up well too. Particularly my ET74 has been nocked around a bit without any problems with the construction. But wood is nice too, its not like you MUST have WoodCarbon to appreciate the board.

Karl 17th September 2008 01:52 AM

Hi Ola,

Im still undecided wether to buy an evo 70 (08 or 09) or the evil twin (or maybe the rrd twinser?). I love my evo 74 but its often to floaty for me at 75 kg. Ive read the concerning threads in the boards uk forum and the boardseekersmag test on twinsers.

First I would like to know why starboard has changed the evo 70 from 07 into the evo 70 08 to change it again in 09 to nearly the same shape from 07 again? confused.

Further you said that the evil twin 74 is developed from the evo 70 08. Is that right.

Is it just about try and error or is it just marketing?

Im asking that because I get a good priced evo 70 wood 08 here in Germany. Seems that the 09 starboard models will double that price in wood carbon.

I dont have the opportunity to try any twinsers/evos before buying so mag tests and what people tell about in the forums will influence my choice.

The rrd twin 82 seems to rip best in onshore conditions. Can you transfer the test results in the boardseekersmag to the smaller 70 litres versions?

Sorry for the confusion:o! Thanks for your reply:)

Cheers Karl

Ola_H 17th September 2008 03:18 AM

If you like the EVO 74 but think its a bit big you will for SURE love any version of the EVO 70. They are all very good and in the big picture rather similar. All the XTV version (07 and forwards) are a bit more refined and get a wider range by being smoother on the wave, particularly when entering a top turn. I don't know exactly why the 07 70 changed for 08. My very personal guess is that the 07 EVO 75 was considered a bit too radical and had to be changed for 08 and then this "spilled over" on the 70 which got a bit thicker rails to power it up a bit in slower waves. The 08 70 is a great board too and particularly if you're not that light and if you don't predominantly ride very good waves, the 08 might prove excellent. But when looking at the whole range for 09, I think is was a good decision to go back to the slightly more "high speed" feel of the 07. The 09 75 will easily cover up for those who want to play it more safe.

As for the ET74, yes, if i remember correctly it started its life as a twin fin version of the EVO 70 2008. But of course a whole lot of changes was made so it not so relevant what the starting point was.

My advice to you is to grab that good priced 2008 E70 and spend the rest of the money to go and get some good waves. It fun to discuss the nuances of equipment differences like this and the ET is indeed a very fun board which will do some things to your riding and the 09 E70 is indeed a refinement and so on and so forth. If you feel you need a new spark in your wave riding maybe the ET is the way to go. But on the other hand, if you would go to a custom board builder, show him your current board and say that you like it but just find it a bit too floaty, chances are he would build you the 08 EVO 70 (but charge much more). So in that sense it's the perfect board for you. Refinement at a bargain.

Karl 17th September 2008 01:43 PM

Thanks Ola for your free spoken answers as usual. I very much appreciate that!

I talked to my "dealer" again and it seems that he can give me a better price on the evo 70 wood carbon 09 as I first thought. So I will go that way.

Ill post some feedback here when Ive ridden that board.

For sure I will follow the development of the twinsers as well.

Cheers Karl

Ola_H 17th September 2008 03:27 PM

Great. It's an amazing board. Tell us how you like it when you've sailed it.

Karl 8th October 2008 01:59 PM

Hi there,

just a quick report about my new evo 70 wood carbon. Sailed it twice yet, with a 4.7. Once baltic sea in 1-1.5 meter mushy slow waves (as usual:mad:) with and the other day in the north sea with a bit bigger waves and stronger sideonshore winds.

Planing and especially get going and is very easy. I was afraid about that but as Ola said once powered up the 70 has enough volume to do it all. Maybe the light carbon wood construction helps here as well.

In the bottom turns I had definitely to switch to more front foot sailing than Im used to with my evo 74. In the first bottom turns I nearly pushed the board under the water surface. That comes from the evo 74 which you have to really push when you want to turn fast and tight. After some crashes I was very pleased that I can just lean forward on the rail of the 70 and let the board do the turn instead of forcing the board to. That is the real advantage over the 74.

Jibing is easy as usual on an evo. Tacking is a bit more technical due to the shorter length. Ive to jump around quicker than Im used to.

Jumping is a bit different on the 70. I think its about the weight. A light board feels definately different in the air. I will get used to it and maybe love it in the end.

So Im really looking forward to sail it in proper waves in Denmark the next weeks and in january I think it will be my one and only board for cape town. Dont know really about the light wind (5.3) performance of the board yet, but it feels like I can leave the 74 at home which is good for travelling.

Happy sailing to all:)

Cheers Karl

Ola_H 8th October 2008 11:44 PM

Nice report, Karl. Keep on charging.

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