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carcelay 4th October 2006 11:53 PM

Question for Isonic 101
I order a Isonic 101lt. and I dont know if that liter will carry a rs4 7.2. I always had a hypersonic 133 and for me that board has been great. Isonic will be a new challenge but im not sure if buy a more litter board. My weight is 165lb and the wind range in P.R. is about 11 to 18knots.

Ola_H 5th October 2006 02:50 AM

RE: Question for Isonic 101
I'm no slalom expert, far from it, but I have an iS101 whcih I play with sometimes. I've used sails up to 7.5 and its absolutely no problems. I even think you can go quite a lot bigger without loosing effectiveness. I've used my 7.5 with both the 40 and 34cm fins, the 40 for light wind and upwind easy and the 34 for high wind and more speed oriented sessions. I'm about 150lbs.

o2bnme 5th October 2006 04:19 AM

RE: Question for Isonic 101
I had a 7.7 V8 I found fit my iS105 perfectly. It was a great combination if the sail was fully powered up. I'm 140 pounds. I used the 40cm fin when conditions were light. When the conditions were strong, I'd put the 34cm fin on. A 7.2 should be a great fit with the iS101.

Adrian 5th October 2006 07:13 PM

RE: Question for Isonic 101
I am 160 pounds and use isonic 105 with 8.6 SSR which it carries very well indeed, so 7.2 will be no problem. There is so much grip on the back foot to push hard against even at low board speeds without having to use fins over 40cm (compared to boards such as falcon 110 or manta 75 that i've owned or used in the past for example).

Tacking a bit tricky though!

Chris Pressler 9th October 2006 05:40 AM

RE: Question for Isonic 101
Hi carcelay,
the board is a great choice, especially for this sailsize. You will handle the board quite easy andworks great with a sail around 7 m?. Just sailed 7.6 together with a 36 cm Drake fin. Was fast fun. You can put a 8.0 m? without any problems on your 101.
All the best,
Chris Pressler

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