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PapaJ 30th September 2008 01:26 AM

Back from Grand Cayman
Well had my windsurfing lesson on the east end of Grand Cayman with Red Sail. It was a blast! Other than having banged up legs from getting up on the board and falling off it was fun. Did actually stay up and received cheers & applause from those on the beach and those viewing from their balconies.

Used a hifly board, now the question is what type of board & rig should I purchase to continue pursuing this sport? I live in Oklahoma and will be sailing on lakes. Also I currently weigh 206lbs with a goal getting to around 185.



Roger 30th September 2008 07:39 AM

Hello PapaJ and welcome to the Starboard Windsurfing Forum.
I checked out the Red Sail Grand Cayman Windsurfing "offereings".
Which lesson did you take.... the "Taster" for 4 hours or the 8 hour beginner
Sounds like you had alot of fun, even though you banged up your legs.
So, in order to recommend a board and rig for you, we first need to figure out how much wind you will be sailing in, and what sort of other "conditions" you will encounter on your lakes in Oklahoma.
They will be fresh water, so you will need a fairly big board to start out on.
At your current weight, either a Rio L (large) or Start L (large also) would seem the best boards for your to start on.
Both have full EVA decks, so your legs won't get "beat up" any longer.
Depending on what you tell us your wind speed is (in mph...knots..) you would want a small rig to start out on (do you remember what size rig you used in Grand Cayman) and how large the Hi Fly board (what model if you remember) but probably at your size you can use a regular 5.0-6.0 m2 rig as your "trainer sail" and fairly quickly advance to something around 7.5 m2 if your windspeeds are < 15 knots (17 mph).
We can also help you with some more advanced techniques and perhaps an easier way through the basics.
Please take a look at your weather forecasts and airport windspeeds closest to the lakes you want to sail on.
Also, check to see if there are any other windsurfers in your area that use the same lakes.
They would be a great source of good information on what size rigs you will need.
If the big guys (your size) are on sails smaller than 6.5 m2 then you have alot of wind and will need smaller sails to get started.
Hope this helps,

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