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unforgettable 1st October 2008 09:30 PM

Help on improving i.e on wave board selection
Hello gents :),

I am a brand new member of this forum ( agewise not such brand new...) and after reading many posts on the same issue I have decided to bore you again with an ongoing question.

Well, I am 85 kilos ( naked) which in my opinion become 90 with drysuite, shoes, harness , helmet...and 1.90m height

I use my Combat 2008 114l in a variety of conditions both in flat waters and also waves up to 25 knots with a smaller 25cm fin and down to 5.4 sail.
I can jibe, duck tuck , highjump...oh yes :D, but my attempts to backloop still are a 50/50 chance...50% I crash, 50% I hurt myself...
I have fun in general but I know that I tremendously need to improve my surfing at sea i.e wavesailing . The problem is that I live in the eastern side of Italy, on the Adriatic side and when you have good conditions it is because of a storm. Storms -when they hit, can be bad ( 25/35+ knot) and the sea veeeery rough, always on shore.
It is rare it keeps on going for days, therefore you can thank any Gods you want if you re lucky enough to get 2 days in a row of waves AT weekends ( yes I do work on weekdays..:( ). I consider consistency in surfing one of the key factor to improve.
When I go at sea in waves with >25 knots which for me is 5.4 down I have my Evo 80 05. It is a superb carving wave fun machine. I use it with 5.4 down with a 23 or 21 fin depending on the wave size. The real problem is I keep on falling enough while attempting my wave surfing and if there is no consistency in wind I have problems in planing, I start loosing "ground " and have to spend some considerable time to recover space lost upwind which is not fun at all as you know.

Therefore, on shore wind, rough sea, quick and small/medium waves, me being a rookie....question after all readings in this forum :
1) Keep on surfing this board and sooner or later I ll master the sea
2) Move on to a relatevely newer evo 80
3) Move on to a 90 knowing that I ll suffer when wind blows badly
My bank account has told me not to buy a 3rd board....I know I have to trust it.
wind may bless you all


ithe ma and Reason why I use my second board a EVO 80 05

Ola_H 2nd October 2008 01:37 PM

I think the EVO 80 really is the best size for you. A newer version will feel a lot easier when it comes to planing and going upwind. The board is a
faster and just generally easier and the fin is much better too. This holds for both 08 and 09 version which are very similar. 07 is similar too, but has a smaller and softer fin.

I think the EVO 90 will be to big considering the wind strength you often get when you have waves.

Another option would be the Kode 80 (or Pure Acid 80 07-08). You will loose some of the very loose feel in turning and it will not be as easy going for front side wave riding (which is hard in onshore conditions). But the board will feel faster and for most people be easier in high wind. It's a more classic wave board.

So: For best control and feel when just sailing around in waves: Kode 80
For most "help" when trying to ride wave front side (maximizing chances of hitting the lip): new EVO 80 XTV.

unforgettable 2nd October 2008 02:19 PM

Thanx Ola, that was a fast answer!! I think I still need to improve a lot ( I mean it) and I assume an easier ...or if you prefer a more friendly user board like EVOs is what I need. For sure as soon I am able to master some trick in a sufficient way I ll consider new Kode or Acid for a more agressive session.

all the best and thank you a lot for answering

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