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AC UK 2nd October 2008 05:39 PM

Severne Gator RDM or SDM ?

just after some advice on mast choice for Severne Gator. I have noticed that recommended masts on website for 2009 sales have moved from RDM for 5.5 and below to SDM whats the thinking behind this ?

I have an 2008 Gator 5.5 which I have been running on a 430 SDM (AMEX 75% Crosscut mast) and although happy with the sail :) did wonder if I was missing out on performance as using an SDM rather than recommended RDM (as per 2008 website)

Was planning on buying a 4.7 Gator and as per 08 Website assumed I would need to but new RDM however is SDM now suitable ?

Also if I cant get hold of Severne mast which accessory brand masts would be suitable for 4.7 ?

cheers for any advice

Chris Pressler 4th October 2008 02:24 AM

I would recommend you a Severne Blue line 400 for the Gator 4,7. I also use RDM masts on the 5,3 and 6,0. But from 6,0 up I also used SDM, which worked excellent and gave the sails a nice shape.
In the 4,7 I never used a SDM.

Perhaps anyone else did?


AC UK 7th October 2008 05:40 PM

Thanks Chris

In the absence of any severne feedback looks like wont go too far wrong with a Blue line RDM

Boards magazines test of RDM vs SDM seem to conclude that skinny masts by and large work better in wave size sails so as I need to invest in new mast sounds like RDM is the way to go !

Chris Pressler 11th October 2008 07:53 PM

you will like the feeling. Itīs great how soft the battons rotate. RDM are recommended because they last longer if your rigg gets ripped in waves.
Go for it. Blue line RDM is a good choice.


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