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mart 5th October 2008 07:26 PM

another evo or?
hi guys, my weight is 69kg and i have a evo 2009 66 carbon/wood. I sail this board with severne s1 sails , the 2008 3.7 , 4.5 , and the 5.3. For the 5.3 the board is a little to small and now i am looking for a board that is just a little bit bigger (just a little bit) and witch i can sail when my 66 is to small (for 5.3 or underpowerd 4.5). I love the feeling of the 66 bytheway and it planes realy quick , it is also a very fast board and the weight is unbeliveble (i have weighted it at 4.8kg without footstraps and fin). i will use the new bigger board from 17 to 25 knots. I cant make up my mind if i am byuing a kombat 79 wood 2008 or a kode 74 wood/carbon or a kode 80 wood/carbon, but my favorite one to buy at this moment is the evo 70 wood/carbon 2009. Is this a good choose? I dont want a really big board. Does the evo 70 has the same board feel as the 66 only a little bit bigger or is it completly a different board?

Ola_H 7th October 2008 01:59 PM

If you indeed only want a board that is a little bit bigger, the EVO 70 will not disappoint you. There are small differences between the 66 and 70, but the general feel is still very similar. All boards in the EVO lineup are very refined for 09 but personally I think the E70 is the most refined and "clean" shape of the bunch. An amazing board. At your weigh it handles 5.3 well.

But for most people a quiver of 66+70 is rather tight. There are advantages though. Both boards will work for almost all your sail which means you can tune the feel on a wave by changing board size which is a really effective way of fine tuning things. So again, if you are sure about what you want, the EVO 70 will be a great addition.

But at the same time an EVO 75 will offer a bit more light wind effectiveness. It has a slightly different feel to it and feels loser and easier at slower speeds but does not have the smoothness of the E70 at higher speeds. The 74 (of course) also has a bit more volume which can be a blessing in some situations. And if you will not use it in more wind than underpowered 4.5, the 75 will still be well within its range also for light weights like you and me (I'm 69 too).

Kode/Acid will be very different boards. Faster and with a different turn. They require a better technique to ride waves well, particularly in slow waves. The more onshore it gets, the more you need to work a Kode/Acid for it to go vert well. The up side is great stability at speed, bot on a wave and in a straight line. And they are very easy and natural B&J boards and fantastic for backside riding and jumping on onshore/cross on.

So if you want to complement with a more effective feeling board for light wind but don't need so much wave riding focus a Kode/Acid might be good. I would suggest going for a Kode 80 (or PA80) in that case.

A final option for even more wave riding focused sailing than the EVOs would be an Evil Twin. For max 5.3 the ET 74 will work nice. It has been my most used board this summer and I've done a lot of light wind sailing. The ET80 could be an option if you're doing a lot of float out, ride in type sailing.

Lots of super nice options... You only need to decide what it is that you really want form this bigger board.

mart 7th October 2008 05:14 PM

thanks ola, so it is between the kode 80 wood/carbon 2009 and the evo 70 wood/carbon 2009? Diffecult to choose... again, my evo 66 is a suberb board in all means but i dont no if it is a real evo style board because it is really fast (a bit acid like) and i had last year a evo 75 wood 2008 witch i dont liked at all, it was to heavy on my feet and to slow on the reaction side , not loose enough. Last year i prefer the acid wood above the evo 75 wood but i have never sailed a evo 70. I have read that boujjema had placed a acid rail (and scoop/rocker?) line off the acid on the 66 so thats also why i dont no if it is really a evo style board. Do you no this? My prefference still go's out to the evo 70 wood/carbon and that there is only 4 liters difference between 66 and the 70 is no problem for me but i wonder if the 66 is really 66 liters because it feels a bit less , more 64 or 63 liters. Ola ,now you now this do you still recemand the evo 70 for me?

Ola_H 8th October 2008 12:49 AM

I don't know the real volume if the 66. I would have guessed 66 was rather close. The 70 is not so much bigger volume vise, but it is a lot wider and this will effectively make it act bigger once moving. The 66 and 70 rocker is rather close (and actually the 75 has a faster rocker) and I would definitely say the 66 is an EVO style board, just unusually narrow. Maybe the reason you felt the 75 was slow was that it was just to much board? That can happen sometimes when you upsize a board for a small person.

I also think part of the fast feel from the E66 comes from the stiffer construction, so that you will have on the E70 too.

In any case, I still don't think the E70 will disappoint you if an upsized 66 is what you want. Since you already had a bigger Acid, I think you can imagine rather well how the Kode feels. Its a similar board, just a bit more refined with both a bit of extra looseness and speed.

mart 21st October 2008 06:32 PM

ola, will the evo wood carbon 75 also has a faster lighter feel then the 08?(much lighter on the feet? , much loser? , feels smaller?) Is it a completly different feel then the old one or is it close? Or do you still think the wood carbon 09 70 evo is the best buy for me? The 75 wood carbon will give me the better range but i am worried that the board dissapoints me like the 08 model. thanks.

Ola_H 22nd October 2008 02:16 AM

My educated guess (after riding 08 75 wood and various constructions of the E70+80) is that in underpowered conditions and overpowered conditions you'll notice a difference. In light wind, the wood carbon just feel more active and "inspiring". When really overpowered you'll also feel that it is stiffer and actually start to miss the feel of the wood which offers a certain damping to the ride. But for you, given that you have the 66 I don't think you'll sail the 75 in rough enough conditions for this to be a deal.

In the end, I think the overall feel will be kind of similar to the 08, so if you didn't like that one the 70 might be a better board.

BTW, I checkup up the tank measured volumes and the 70 is 71 liters and the 66 (like you guessed) 64 liters. So still a reasonable difference, maybe.

mart 22nd October 2008 05:17 PM

64 liters? I thought so. Well, if the differance is then 7 liters , that would do the trick. Thanks for your help and the 70 wood/carbon is the one to buy i think.

Ola_H 22nd October 2008 07:08 PM

Great. Tell us how you find the EVO 70 when you've sailed it.

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