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bubi 11th October 2008 10:08 PM

which sonic??
Dear Starboard team,

I am interested to buy a slalom board for slalom racing in wind conditions 16-26 knots (personal data 175cm 84kg sail size 7,2 rs racing)

As a formula racer I can buy only one sonic slalom board.. Which do you thing is the best choice??

Best regards


NWF 12th October 2008 03:06 AM

Im the same weight as you and I have a 96 Isonic which works well in the wind strength you suggest and also sail size.


bubi 12th October 2008 02:34 PM

which sonic
dear allan

which characteristica has the 96 sonic in comparison with the 101??


Chris Pressler 13th October 2008 05:41 AM

Hi bubi,
would recommend you the 111 or 101. For sure the 101 carries your 7,2 fine, but the 111 would have a bigger windrange. In which conditions are you gonna sail (wavy, flatwater)?
Wait for details,

Screamer 13th October 2008 06:51 AM

Well I'm sure I'm sure Chris is an expert, but I disagree respectfully.
Bubi's lower windspeed is 16 knots (force 5), and then all the way up to strong F6, so he will be well powered. I don't think that iS111 (which I like btw) will be the easiest board to control (well I'm sure AA does it, but...). It can be loaded up to about 8.5, which is not what Bubi wants either.
I vote for 101, and many other sailors confirmed it's tremendous windrange.

NWF 13th October 2008 12:02 PM

It is true the 101 has a great windrange, but on the higher wind range and dependant of water state the 96 is an all round easier board to control being 4cm narrorower. I use it from 5.8m to 7.7m. I have owned both and whatever you decide you wont go far wrong. Just a personal choice.


Screamer 13th October 2008 02:09 PM


I agree with you 100%. Chris was suggesting iS111, while I was thinking 96 or 101, if the wind is solid (no lulls).

Chris Pressler 13th October 2008 05:46 PM

Hi all,
perhaps I see thing stoo much out of a competition view, and thought that bubi wants one board for the conditions in between 16 and 26 knots.
Out of my view itīs better to have some liters more on the course. But my suggestion was 101 or 111!
Why? Imagine your plans are racing in Alacati/Turkey for instance. The wind measurement is quite promising, up to 20 knots and in gust 24 knots (just an example). Which board would you recommend. I would recommend for bubis overall setup the 101 or 111 and for a one board decision the 111. The wind is not as strong as in Sylt or in the Arctic or onthe Canaries.
Second example: Bubiīs plans are to race in Lanzarote. We have a lot of swell pushing the board, you have to ride in between waves and you have trade winds with a high density. I would grab a size smaller.

It really depends where you plan to use the board (flatwater, waves, choppy, current, sweet water).

If you plan to race and you will go with a one board solution itīs better to take a bit bigger. Thatīs my opinion. If you sail, when the wind is up for sure a smaller sized board will work fine.

Hope you get my thoughts and why I recommended the 101 or 111.

bubi 15th October 2008 09:56 PM

Dear friends
Thanks a lot for yoyr posts.

My conditions are choppy water and some waves.

I think the best choice must be the 101.


Chris Pressler 16th October 2008 03:45 AM

Hi Bubi,
you definitely will have fun on the 101. Jibes great and has great topspeed. Suggest a powerful 36 to 38 cm fin.
All the best,

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