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Viper 14th October 2008 03:38 AM

Isonic 122
I'm 95 Kg and I will like a new board for lights winds, with a Code Red 9.0 but I don´t know what is better to me.????:confused:
-Isonic 122 (with 9.0???)
-Isonic 133 (It seems like a formula!!!!!!)
-F2 SX XL (135l)
-F2 RX (133l)

I think isonic 122 is better to met me but I don´t know if 9.0 is too big for this board.

Thank you!!!!

Chris Pressler 14th October 2008 04:42 AM

Hi Viper,
good question. I am around 82 kg and the Code Red 9,0 works great on the 122. Your weight is much heavier. It depends on the wind you plan to use the stuff. But I would aestimate that the 133 would be the right sized iSonic.
Antoine Albeau and Björn Dunkerbeck and Kevin Pritcahrd are sailing on the 133 with a 9,0. The board is not a Formula. Sure it´s 10 cm wider than the 122, but feels really compact.
In how many knots (minimum) will you start to sail on the water?

All the best,

sergio k 14th October 2008 09:17 AM

I had a chance to take I133 for a test drive, and it doesn't ride like a formula,
much looser, feels smaller under your feet, so if you have a chance give it a try,
specially at your weight

NWF 14th October 2008 12:31 PM

Ive also had a 122 and now own a 133, and also own a formula board. It rides pretty loose for a 85cm wide board and is certainly nothing like my formula board. Im 85kgs and for your weight. I would certainly recommend the 133 unless you wanted to use the 122 for speed competitions, but for general allround sailing the 133 will be the better choice.


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