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martwald 13th October 2006 11:12 PM

iSonic 87, 94 or 101
I am completing my speed quiver and looking for my medium wind board.

I currently have the two Missile S & XS and need a board to serve the sub 22kts and tight courses. I know the 87 is a rocket but if the 94 were quick enough in 15 - 25kts then I could use it as my all round slalom board also.

I weight 84kg and have a selection of Code Reds of all sizes.

The real question is how big a difference is there between the 87 & 94 in terms of both marginal wind performance and medium wind performance.

Finally anyone know up to what wind windspeed the 101 is comfortable and how fast relative to the 87 & 94.


Kevin Pritchard 14th October 2006 12:35 PM

RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101
I like the 101 the best over the 94. I am going to go with the 87 101 and 122 for my quiver. I just did 38 knots open ocean Hookipa on a new TR 3 Maui Saila 6.6 and a 87. Pretty fast for big ocean swells. Maybe i could have gone faster on the 101.. The 101 is fast in light winds..

Ian Fox 14th October 2006 06:07 PM

RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101
(just adding to the other AskTeam discussion on this) .. Big boards for pure speed are not really my thing, but 101 is definitely a standout in the general purpose slalom sizes this year; apart from serious mid wind speed, 101's also got really outstanding hispeed trim across chop (definitely a level up again from the very decent iS105 as long as you keep the mast foot pressure/drive on) - and a sweet jibe that almost doubles it into freeride material - not bad for such a square, wide tailed plank. It might not be as efficent for low drag tuning as the iS87 in speed trial conditions - but 101 doesn't mind a serious bit of overpower - with suitable results. :)

Cheers ~ Ian

Grant 14th October 2006 09:50 PM

RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101
I presently own a isonic 115 (2006), 122 (2007) and a 133 (2006) - Yes, lots of overlap. I absolutely love the 115 and really like the 133 and I am reserving judgment with respect to the 122 since I have not spent much time on it.

I am looking for a higher wind board - my weight is approximately 83 kg. The 101 seems a little close to the 115. I presently use my old 85 liter Sputnick 265 (1994) for my high wind solution. Does the 87 offer much improvement (upwind and top end) over these older, but fast designs?



Ian Fox 15th October 2006 05:43 PM

RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101
Hi Grant,

Yes, lots of overlap :)

If you love the 115, you'll be ecstatic over a good 101 session.
Yo're definitely correct, the 101 is close to the 115, about as close as the 115 to the 122...(seriously, the performance size gap is about the same).

The iS87 definitely delivers better control and "power on" handling than older 85 Lt designs, making performance more consistant and less peaky than the older 85Lt rockets (which tend to be a bit cammy, fully on or not so on..and more of a handful at full noise thru hi wind chop) iS87 is definitely OK on upwind for a board this size/style, but noting that obviously the performance envelope is focused towards downwind, broad reaching speed rather than upwind performance.

Cheers ~ Ian

Screamer 15th October 2006 06:37 PM

RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101

Ian Fox wrote:
- not bad for such a square, wide tailed plank.

Cheers ~ Ian
:D :D :D

This is why I think Ian's advice is second to none (if a little unorthodox at first glance ;) )

Grant 15th October 2006 10:01 PM

RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101
Ian, thanks for the response. Might have to get both the 101 and 87. Life is short so I'm going for it!



geo 16th October 2006 01:21 PM

RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101
I would really like Kevin to comment a bit more about iSonic size personal selection. In the past season, it seemed to me he was preferring the 95 over the 85; so I would like to understand his preference shift towards 87 over 94. Maybe the 87 has been a bit beefed up from the 85? And maybe the thinner tail rails on the 94 make it not so suitable any more as a medium wind g. p. board compared to the 101, and too close to the small beast 87?
I am trying to make my mind up for next season (one single board) selection.

martwald 16th October 2006 06:33 PM

RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101
I reckon that the best purchase would be both the 87 & 101 and that's what I'm seriously considering.

My question now is whether or not there is any requirement for the Missile S. It seems to me that the 87 will handle very strong winds right down to the point where I would be grabbing the Missile XS.

Put another way. Does anyone see a large overlap between an IS87 and a Missile S.

Kevin Pritchard 17th October 2006 01:23 AM

RE: iSonic 87, 94 or 101
The reason I am switching to the 87 is mainly becasue the 101 is so fast and good. I needed the 87 for the windy days and the 101 will be perfect for the medium winds. If I had to go with one single board depending on where you are living i would go with the 101. The 101 is more of an all rounder board where the 94 is getting more into the highwind classic slalom shape. This year when it was doggy conditions in places like Fuerteventura, i was hurting on the 95 to come out of the holes and gybes. I think the 101 will do the trick for that next season.

Hope this helps.

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