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martwald 13th October 2006 11:32 PM

iSonic 94
Does anyone have a test report for an iSonic 94. I weigh 84kgs and am looking at this as my medium wind speed board / all round slalom machine. The crossover when it gets to windy for the iSonic 94 is down to F2 Missiles. Is this too large a jump. Ian? Would I be better off with an iSonic 87?

Ian Fox 14th October 2006 05:32 PM

RE: iSonic 94
Hi Martwald,

As an allround slalom machine, the iS94 has more versatility than the (more higher slalom wind focussed) iS87 - but as a medium wind speed board the iS87 has more potential than the iS94.

In a lot of cases the crossover from iS94 to Missile sized boards is not so impractical, especially if the ride style for the iS94 is more allround slalom (ie; tends to be a bit bigger board for given conditions than pure dedicated speed style riding) - while dedicated speed boards tend to size a bit smaller than allround slalom boards would (for the same wind /sailor range). So the visible "Lt's" gap on paper is not so bad in real life, at least in these conditions.

However, if you're not pushing for major bottom end range on your medium wind speed board / all round slalom machine - and you are looking for some more top end potential - especially before transition to Missile, then there's no doubt the iS87 will definitely deliver a bit more speed board advantage than the larger iS94.

That may not have delivered a definitive answer, but hopefully it allows you more info to make one.

Cheers ~ Ian

martwald 16th October 2006 06:33 PM

RE: iSonic 94
I reckon that the best purchase would be both the 87 & 101 and that's what I'm seriously considering.

My question now is whether or not there is any requirement for the Missile S. It seems to me that the 87 will handle very strong winds right down to the point where I would be grabbing the Missile XS.

Put another way. Does anyone see a large overlap between an IS87 and a Missile S.

Ian Fox 17th October 2006 02:29 PM

RE: iSonic 94
Hi Martwald,

It really depends how much scope you see to use the iS87 in hi speed open water racing/blasting etc. If you've got a lot of hi wind open water action, then for those days the smaller iS87 will be a very nice and competitive solution, far more open water and full race capable than (any) dedicated speed board can be in those circumstances.
But if you are almost exclusively flat water speed (in hi wind slalom conditions) then the iS101 will take you very close to the point at which you could climb onto Missile S.

Rationale here is Missile S range for pure speed really starts from 20-25+ kts (rider/location variable etc), which is also about the start of the real action window for iS87 (open water).

Don't want to discourage you on the 87, it's a pretty epic ride in the right stuff, but depending more on your usage/ride style/water conditions, there may be significant overlap to Missile S by wind range.

Cheers ~ Ian

martwald 17th October 2006 03:32 PM

RE: iSonic 94
Cheers Ian, that's pretty much what I suspected. Now my only question is whether or not to replace the Missile S with an iS87 and I have the Missile XS for real record breaking conditions, little problems really!

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