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Peterk 14th October 2006 12:09 AM

Evo for bump n' jump
I am looking for a board that can be used in 4.0 to 5.7 conditions here in the Northeast. Most of my sailing is in washing machine like conditions but I do have occassions where waves and certainly huge swells are an option.

I have heard nothing but unbelievable things about the Evo for waves and swells. How will it perform in 3 and 4 foot chop/swells that can hit you from every direction?



Ola_H 14th October 2006 03:26 AM

RE: Evo for bump n' jump
What is your weight? How often do you get the wave days and is it onshore or sideshore. Do you live for these days or are they just a nice bonus?

Peterk 14th October 2006 05:06 AM

RE: Evo for bump n' jump
I way 168 lbs. I live for the days when it is blowing 25knots or more.

90% of our wave sailing is onshore. I have more opportunities for large swells than waves, although I have a couple of nice wave sailing spots I can go to.

Buzzards Bay can get VERY chopped up when it starts blowing. I sail an old Mistral Challenge Flex that is 8'6" long and about 21" wide. It eats up chop. It turns very well but it is very unforgiving, especially when the wind gets marginal. Don't get me wrong, it is a great shape, very fast and turns beautifully on the waves and swells. But it probably a 16 year old board.

steveC 14th October 2006 09:08 AM

RE: Evo for bump n' jump
Hi Peterk,

Given your description of your conditions, you might want to consider the Pure Acid line too. Probably not the optimum design for onshore wavesailing, but it sounds like the choppy B&J might show the PAs style and ability through the mixed swell outside. Not to detract from the EVO here, yet the design alternative is also worth investigating in an important decision. If you're on a 16 year old board, it sounds like your up for a long term decision. Best to consider all possibilities.

Peterk 14th October 2006 10:06 PM

RE: Evo for bump n' jump

You are right. I will be owning it for a long time. My problem is that I have too many choices available to me. 16 years ago I had no money and was able to buy the Challenge Flex for short money.

I have also learned over the years that you can have a good time on just about any board. My only complaint about my old board, other than it is about to snap in half, is that it is horrible when the wind notches down. The width of the Evo really looks nice, I just wonder how it behaves when the water gets messy. My narrow board takes it no problem. I would say that the shape is similar to that of the acid, which appears very traditional in design.

steveC 15th October 2006 12:27 AM

RE: Evo for bump n' jump
Hi Peterk,

Maybe Ola H. will respond again to comment further on the EVO line, as he has always been a strong advocate for them in the past. In the meantime, it might be of value to search some the earlier threads to glean some useful information. Unfortunately, I have no personal experience with the EVOs, but I know others that love their maneuverability, particularly in onshore surf conditions. I have noted that they don't appear to be a super fast in B&J applications, but I think that their design credentials are more seriously focused on maneuverability. I find that most EVO sailors like hanging tough in the surf zone and they aren't as interested in long runs out to sea, but of course that has a lot to do with the folks I know and sail with.

For your applications, you need to consider what would be the most fun overall. That is why I mentioned also considering the more traditional PA line, because it offers an interesting contrast with its faster rockerline, especially if much of the sailing you like includes a lot of the B&J mode. Still, the PA line is very capable in the surf, especially considering more down the line conditions.

But no matter you cut it, going for a higher wind design (EVO or PA) can leave you compromised if the wind seriously drops off. You can balance things quite a bit by targeting the volume range that will bridge into the lighter conditions, but will still be controllable in high winds. Nonetheless, considering one board for 4.0 to 5.7 conditions is a demanding range for any one board, so you could end up with a challenge at either end of the spectrum. If I were you, I would pick the middle ground and pick up a number of fins to help you stretch the boards capabilities in the extremes.

Ola_H 15th October 2006 03:16 AM

RE: Evo for bump n' jump
Steve is right, I love the EVOs myself and if I had to sell all my board and only keep, say, 3, I would keep three EVOs. That said, with your conditions, if your not totally dedicated towards wave riding (which I am) I think and Pure Acid or Kombat would be a better choice. Don't be fooled by their appearance - they are not at all traditional but rather super modern fast wave boards. No doubt an EVO will let you rip frontside turns in your conditions better than anything, but it is less natural in a straightline. This can be tuned with a bigger fin, but Pure Acids and Kombats turns beatifully too and are VERY natural in any kind of B&J setting. It is however a bit difficult to predict how you will appreciate the different boards since your current board is so differnt from any modenr board. I can go deeper into how the different boards ride if you want to. Regarding control in high wind they handle this in different ways, but thay all handle it well. For example, I have no heistations whatsoever to use my EVO 70 in powered up 3.5 conditions (and I'm 69kg)

4.0 to 5.7 is a pretty big span of sails as Steve writes and regardless of which board you chooses you should come back and ask for some advice on extra fins. At 168 lbs I think you will be looking at EVO 74 (or possibly 80), PA 80 or Kombat 79. If you're willing to sacrifice a fair bit of 5.7 performance you can go for the EVO 70 (or 74) or PA 74.

My guess however, is that a Kombat 79 is the safest bet. The Kombats are simply amazing all round boards and are super nice in waves too.

Peterk 15th October 2006 03:47 AM

RE: Evo for bump n' jump
I was orignally considering the Kombat. I have no problem sacrificing on the 5.7 end since I own a carve 145 and i plan on getting a Starsurfer S for my kids. I figure when it is 6.0ish I wil steal the Starsurfer. It looks like it would be a lot of fun. It appears to be an oversized Kombat with padding.

Screamer 15th October 2006 06:22 PM

RE: Evo for bump n' jump
Hi Peterk

Here are a couple of older threads discussing differences between these boards:

Btw, I don't think that either C145 or starsurfer will be fun in 5.7-6m weather (too wide in my opinion).


clovus 16th October 2006 09:12 AM

RE: Evo for bump n' jump
Hiya Peterk,

I have a EVO70 and 62. Luv 'em. I'm a bit lighter then you and tend to get thrown around in really rough stuff, such as B'n'J, conditions when I find it a bit hard to keep the board on the water and maintain direction in a stright line. As I'm not too speed orientated and I tend to like to wave ride and jump its not too much of a problem for me anyway. Plus I use the 62 whenever possible (18 knots +).

My Kombat on the other hand, gives a nice a smooth ride no matter what. Good for dodgy knees....

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