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mrpalmer 16th October 2008 05:58 PM

Futura 111!
I'm about to buy a futura 111 -09, but I heard that the total volume of this board is less than 111 l, more like 105 l. And the -08 is more like 115 l. Is this true? I've read that the distribution of the volume has moved so is it more a feeling of volume change or is it a true decrease in volume?
Thanks// Per :confused:

mrpalmer 23rd October 2008 07:56 PM

Volume Q!
I guess the rumour is true as nobody likes to answer this question. When I think I'll consider the larger 122 or maybe another brand. The extra volume is necessery for me as I need to slog a bit to get out to the windline at my local spot. On the other hand and don't want a to big board that will decrease the top end.

Chris Pressler 24th October 2008 04:58 AM

Hi Per,
whatīs your weight and the sailsizes you gonna use?

mrpalmer 24th October 2008 09:24 PM


I'm close to 80 kg and will use the board with Retros sizing 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5.


Chris Pressler 25th October 2008 12:03 AM

Hi Mr Palmer,
if you use the 7,5 most of the time I would suggest the 111 or 122. If you use all sizes the same time, grab the 111. If you have wind for 5,5 to 6,5 most of the time, the right decision for your weight will be definitely the Futura 101.Is it choppy at your spots or more less flat.

mrpalmer 25th October 2008 01:05 AM

Hi Chris!

At this spot I guess the 6.5 is the most used. Not really choppy, kind of regular waves building up, not breaking though. But you think the 111 is good enough for slogging on with a 7.5 and my weight?


Chris Pressler 26th October 2008 04:02 AM

Yes, Mr Palmer. Go for the 111. I guess, itīs the best decision.
All the best,

mrpalmer 26th October 2008 08:47 PM

Ok Chris, thanks for your help! But it would still be interesting to hear if the total volume of the board has changed from 08 to 09...

namreh 28th October 2008 10:48 PM

I don't know if Mr palmer got this rumour from my post on my site...

I do think that the futura 111 2009 is slightly smaller versus the futura 111 2008.
With my 90kg the futura 2008 was a "lightwind" board and I could even use my overdrive 8.5mē on it and tack on it with my eyes closed.

My futura 111 2009 is something more highend oriented and this is really bringing back the more s-type oriented feeling. Very happy with this board and really even faster then the previous version (this weekend was my second sail on it and finally I got myself over the 60km/u in moderate conditions).

I really think the volumedifference between this 2 boards is up to 10liters. So do you want a more lightwind-oriented board choose the futura 122 2009 and otherwise the futura 111 2009. This is all my feeling as a normal freerider and I don't want to say it's official or the only right thing, maybe I'm totally wrong, but this is my feeling. ;-)

mrpalmer 29th October 2008 01:49 AM

Thanks for your input! I read it in one forum, don't remember which, but also here:

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