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prpa 28th October 2008 02:42 AM

iSonic150 or Formula for light wind (short distances)
I was gathering info what to buy so now I narrowed to 2 choises.

I wont to buy a board for one spot where I spend vacations and this is
light wind spot, and distance is ~500 to ~900 meters, > lots of gybes!

I have 95kg and sails 9.0, 7.5, 6.0 and I plan to buy 11.5 race sail (second

About a boards:
OPTION 1 Starboard iSONIC 150 sail range 7.5-11.5
OPTION 2 Formula board

MY QUESTION :confused:
According to spot which is short and I will need a board which will alow me
easier gybes my favourite is ISONIC, please can you give me yor opinion
and advices regarding board and sail :confused:

Roger 28th October 2008 09:54 AM

Hi prpa,
Wow, that's some pretty short runs (0.27 nautical mi. to 0.48 nautical mi.).
Yes, that would make for lots of gybes if the wind is 15 knots and you are sailing at 25 knots+ board speed.
The formula board will probably plane a little earlier, but it won't be quite so easy to gybe.
You can gybe a formula board, for sure, it's just going to take a little more learning/change from what you might be doing now in terms of gybing.
The Isonic has the potential for a bit more top speed and may be a little easier to gybe.
Since you are going for 9.0 and 11.5 m2 rigs I suspect that there's not much wind at your vactaion location... is this right?
The short distance will be "covered" pretty quickly on either board so I don't think there's a lot of difference there.
If you go with the Isonic 150 you may want to consider a slightly smaller rig as your largest.
I'm not sure you will gain alot with an 11.5 m2 over say a 10.5 m2 and if really early planing is your goal, you might be better with a more drafty free race sail.
Hope this helps,

prpa 28th October 2008 08:56 PM

Hi Roger thanks for quick reply,

I took a look at that spot and took some measures and at where I enter sea
distance is ~ 1200 meters, but if I go more south distance between shores in 6 km.
Bay has wide V shape so i.e. for only 4 km more south I get to 6 km distance.

Yes tipical wind is arround 12-15 knots, or we have strong NE wind BURA ~25-45 knots
but for that I have smaller board.

I have allready 9.0m2 Simmer 3XC (3 cam sail freerace) and i plane to buy bigger for
that board. For example this summer I tried Futura133+3XC 9.0m2+Drake fin 48 (standard
fin for board) and I could not plane. It was missing just I little to get plane, some guys with F-Types and formula boards were "flying" arround me, but not me. Now I buy 52 cm fin but I did not still try this combination. .

Can you suggest some sail model from Neil Pride / Gaastra / Simmer / Point 7
which will be good for me. This brand we have in Croatia.

Also can you explain me why "more drafty" free race sail can produce more "force"
than i.e. NP RS4 sail, with less squre meters? I realy do not understand it, let say in theoreticaly why?!

prpa 29th October 2008 02:28 AM

Futura133+Sail9.0+53cm fin
Isonic150+Sail9.0+53cm fin
And what kind of difference in knots this will be?

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