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GEN 18th August 2006 09:51 PM

GO or Carve? From 129 to 170?
Dear Kevin!
I posted this thread on AskOurTeam forum but looks like not much enthusiasm from pro-surfers to answer simple eternal boring question from beginners :(
I'm going to make my first StarBoard purchase. After reading a lot of threads in the forum and talking to some surfers around me I still can't make a decision.
Now I have in mind the range to make a choice from: GO 129, 133, 155, 170 and Carve 133, 144, 162 and need your advice badly!
I'm 77 kg =170 lbs progressive beginner, sailing the old style PVC long board with the centerboard for 2 years. Was not easy stuff for the beginner but I managed it. Now I realize that my board limit my days on the water. Since in the area I live most of the days are with light and moderate wind, my board not so fun in the light days and far from planing in the rest of the days.
My wish is to maximize the number of days on the water with the fun. To have a board which is fun to cruise in the light days (2 Bft), will plane early (3 Bft) and still possible to joint pro-surfers in the strong wind (4-5 Bft)
I understand that GO 129 and Carve 133 will be perfect for the stronger wind and GO 170 and Carve 162 will start to plane earlier. But I need to choose one now (for the beginning :-) !
The question is how fun will be to cruise GO 129 and Carve 133 in the light and moderate wind and if it possible to have good ride on GO 170 and Carve 162 in the strong wind (4-5 Bft)?
Since I don't know the "wind thresholds" for the mentioned boards, I have no idea - will I compromise something? Or may be one board from the mentioned range can take all those missions?

The idea for *Board: May be it is possible to create the simple program, where you input initial data like:
Weight = 77kg
Level = progressive
Target Wind = 2 Bft - 30%; 3 Bft - 30%; 4 Bft - 20%; 5 Bft - the Dream to catch this wind
Mission = adrenalin/to have fun/don't sit on the beach

AND.., after computing - the recommendation is?- GO170... or Carve 133... ?

Since it is not available now, please, be so kind to help me with the choice, like you did many times before

If there is no difference in light wind between Carve and GO and 133 or 129 will be quite ok (for my 77kg) for non-planing cruising and probably no big difference with cruising on 162 or 170 l board?

The main question is how early 170 vs. 129 starts planing?
and what will be the high wind limit (usually accompanied by waves and chop) for the 129 vs. 170 board?

Sorry for the bunch of questions, I hope that could help to give one answer :)

GEN 19th August 2006 06:55 PM

RE: GO or Carve? From 129 to 170?
Thanks to Ian and Roger!
I almost find an answer on my questions :)
(the same thread on the AskOurTeam forum)

Kevin Pritchard 20th August 2006 01:07 AM

RE: GO or Carve? From 129 to 170?
I would go with the Carve 133 myself. I didnt see what Roger or Ian said!

Hope you enjoy your new Starboard!

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