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panagos 31st October 2008 06:06 AM

sail severne gator 6.5 09
I want to buy gator 6.5 09 I have read the informations about it but is there someone that know some extra information about this sail?

Chris Pressler 31st October 2008 07:20 AM

Hi Panagos,
the Gator is a line, which covers all kind of conditions. Small sizes for waves upto 5,3, the next two sizes radical freeride and from 6,5 to 8,0 freeride in medium to light winds. The 6,5 accelerates excellent and feels very balanced out of my view. Itīs very strong, a lot of x-ply and easy to rigg. For a sail without cams itīs a speed machine.


Unregistered 1st November 2008 11:55 PM

I just got a 2009 gator 6.5. I like it a lot. This is my first severne sail and I got it because of its compact dimensions and the x-ply construction. It is indeed extremely light and compact (very short boom and short mast), and it does "feel" smaller on the water (which I like). This is my biggest sail and I'm glad it's so light (my back doesn't like heavy/big sails...). But even though it's made of x-ply, it's made of thin materials, so I wouldn't take it in the surf, and you have to be careful when you rig/de-rig (especially if you rig on a hard/abrasive surface). Note that the dimensions on the Severne website are wrong, the 6.5 is 461cm luff and 181cm boom (website says 466cm luff, 187 boom), no big deal this time for me, but could be an issue for other folks. I rigged a little too big last week at Crissy Field (San Francisco), and was impressed by its upper range stability (didn't have to rig down). I have read that it is a powerful sail, but it feels about average in that department; but I don't need a powerful sail to get planning anyway, at 155lbs (70kg), just need to pump a little and I'm gone... It has a very low foot for a freeride sail, which is great for fast locked-in sailing.

panagos 2nd November 2008 08:49 AM

thanks my friend it was very helpfull your opinion!

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