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Unregistered 31st October 2008 09:58 PM

"great website" just too much for my dual core
Hi Guys, do you think all the "flashy" web site trash sells any boards?
My Mozilla 3.0 Adobe Flash Player 10 on dual core 1.66 GHz with 3 GB memory notebook "spins" between 50% and 80% (mozilla) just accessing the forum...

blazer 2nd November 2008 02:53 AM

maybe you should upgrade your internet service.... I don't see any issues with this site at all (cable internet). This site is pretty basic.

crazychemical 2nd November 2008 04:50 PM

i'm on a 1.6 GHz monocore notebook, with latest mozilla and flashplayer and only 1 G DDR2 Ram and 1 Mb cache and both on wireless and cable internet the site works perfectly .Maybe you should switch providers dude... Or notebookbrand ... if you're using HP i'm not surprised your notebook sucks.

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