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Marko 16th October 2006 03:51 PM

Real Volumes of Isonics and S-types 2007?
I am considering ordering two boards for slalom for next season.
I am glad that you also registered Stypes for 2007 ISAF slalom/speed board list.

What confuses me a lot are volumes stated here...

Are they correct? I have found in the past that volumes at this list are not really correct (I had AHD diamond slalom58 which is registered as 95lt, but in reality it is 85-88lts).

I would really like to know the real volumes from your measurements of
Is101/94/87 from 2007 and Stype 93 2007.


Julian 18th October 2006 05:54 AM

RE: Real Volumes of Isonics and S-types 2007?
For as far as I know, these are the real volumes of the iSonics:

iSonic 50 ->54
iSonic 87 ->87
iSonic 94 ->93
iSonic 101 ->96
iSonic 111 ->108
iSonic 122 ->120
iSonic 133 ->129
iSonic 145 ->145
iSonic 155 ->155

Thanks to Mr. Happy, who found these official volumes at:

Edit: I see that's the same link you found. That's, if I'm correct, the official ISAF-list, and every real volume is registered there. Though the ''real'' volume may be less, this is all about what I call ''virtual volume''. It's not there, but thanks to the shape, it doesn't feel different when comparing it with a 122 literboard (when speaking of the iSonic 122 with officially 2 litres less).

Hope I could help you,

Julian Gijsen

Marko 18th October 2006 08:32 PM

RE: Real Volumes of Isonics and S-types 2007?
Can anyone from starboard confirm those volumes?

Stype 93 is really 99 liters?


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