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dominic72 7th November 2008 11:23 PM

severne S1 vs Blade - wave sailing
Aloha everyone out there,

I got a chance to buy on Ebay a 2008 5.9 Severne S1 and need some advice. I am 84 kg and will use it on my 2008 Kombat 105L for low-wind wave and bump and jump, and on a smaller (85L) Mistral wave board. COnditions mainly ON, side-onshore but sometimes side and side-off.

Is the S1 a sail you'd recommend, considering I am not an expert wave sailor but I am improving constantly? Should I better buy a Blade? Another option is a 5.9 NP Alpha from 2008 which would come cheaper but 2nd hand.

I am looking for a good wave sail, extra-strong and possibly not too unconfortable in windy, powered conditions ... a sail that is light a disappears and doesn't feel too powerful when you're waveriding. Is the S1's window easy to break and so should I better go for a Blade?
thanks mates and buon vento

S1 User and Abuser! 7th November 2008 11:32 PM

That S1 5.9 is off the scale goodness! I'm now on my second ('08 and '09) and absolutely love them. The window I've never had any problems with, and to be honest I've given mine some good hidings. The Blade is a gutsy sail with more bottom end, so if your mainly onshore cross-on you may want to consider that, but you won't regret the S1...

If you get it, let us know how you get on!

dominic72 8th November 2008 12:12 AM

Thank you S1 User for such swift feedback ... just one more think, will it work well on my mast, a 430-cm Amex Rdm with 75% carbon content? or shall I move on to another stick?

many many thanks

mim 9th November 2008 09:51 PM


I am also severne addict and S-1 especially. I really van recommend S-1 as a perfect sail for wave and high-speed blasting. I have the 5.9 from 2008 and it is my favourite.

I think that 430 rdm with 75% carbon is O.K.
Enjoy it, because it is really nice piece!

Ciao Michal.

Unregistered 9th November 2008 10:54 PM

Does anyone have experience with Severne wave sails and either AMEX or Powerex/Simmer RDM masts?
Any difference in performance compared to Severne's own masts?


mim 9th November 2008 11:56 PM

S-1 on non-Severne mast
I donīt use a Severne mast...I ride my S-1 either with 400 or 430 cm 19/21 IMCS 100% carbon...and I can say that the sail is perfect. Easy to rig, responsive, lively and stable when powered up.

I think it will be working...btw. Severne masts are done by Powerex I think.

If you want to be sure go for Powerex...a bit cheaper then Severne and it should be the same piece of carbon.

Enjoy your Severne!

Ciao Michal.

S1 User and Abuser! 10th November 2008 11:45 PM

If it gets you out, then thats what its all about, but worth remembering that such a high quality sail has been designed around a Redline (Severne 100%) mast. With the amount of effort that has gone into designing it, ideally you want to put something equally special up the luff sleeve.

A friend of mine has been riding S1s with a Powerex mast and it seems to set fine. Never used that sail and mast setup, so couldn't honestly say that there is any difference, but it looks fine.

Reading this back it makes no sense really, but anyway, its a great sail!

Unregistered 14th November 2008 12:55 PM

Around here we use the s-1 and blades on powerex skinnies and the sail work very well. They rigg and feel excellent and do everything the sails should do.
But if you use the sails on the severne masts you get extra performance, a lighter feel and a more responsive sail one level above the powerex.
The powerex are very, very good but the severnes are perfect.

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