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Waiting4wind 9th November 2008 01:25 PM

Code Red on NP X6 Mast ??
I am looking at a used 9m Code Red (08) for occasional light wind use use on my I Sonic 111 (09). Does anyone know if this sail will work on a NP X6 mast which I already have for my NP RSS sails.

michelb 11th November 2008 12:10 AM


I have a Code Red 02 ( 2007) 11 mts that I use in a Gaastra Gold Series 550. A friend has the same sail CR11 R02 ( 2007) but he uses a Neil Pryde X6 550. My sail looks better and works better too ( more deep both upwind and downwind), his sail start planning earlier (even when we switch the sails). Mine feel a little more full with the same DH ( because the X6 is flex top). But for non race setup I think it work ok. Sorry but never see or test the 2008.

Michel (Chile)

G 11th November 2008 04:27 AM

just got my new 111 and 133.
In my opinion you are not going to enjoy the 111 with a 9,0 even in light air.
You could go for it in "speed"/flat water set up but not for gain light wind ability.
It's a bit thickier than the '07 one and has a slight wider nose but I guess the 8,3 would be better balanced (expecially with a 44).

Waiting4wind 11th November 2008 04:20 PM

Michel thanks. I'm aware that the Pryde masts are softer hence I was concerned that the sail would not rig well. I have tried other sails eg. Maui Sails and they rigged poorly.

G, My primary sail for the IS111 is a 7.8m. However I had an old NP RS1 in the garage and thought I'd give it a try. I was really surprised how well it worked. So I thought I'd get my self a more modern sail and also one that fits my existing boom. A more powerful fin would be better, but once powered the 44 worked quite well.

tlawes 22nd November 2008 04:18 PM


I've now settled on the aspect that a mast is not a mast. Just because something says the stiffness is 21, doesn't mean its the same as another mast with the same rating. The reason is that there is a tolerance on description. The key point is that NP masts are technically constant curve (as they've previously advertised), but actually they are slightly more bendy in the top, but not enough to be considered a flex top mast. As a result, NP sails work very well with NP masts, but not necessarily with other masts (as I found out). I think the same is true for other manufacturers, if you get the mast it was designed for, it will work, if you don't, then it might, but perhaps only with certain (usually tight) downhaul/outhaul settings. so if you want to be sure, buy the same brand, or try it first!


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