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prpa 15th November 2008 09:44 AM

Board width influence on Early planing
Dear all
Futura 133 (w=77,0) + Sail9.0 (Freerace) + 53cm fin
Isonic 150 (w=93,5) + Sail9.0 (Freerace) + 53cm fin

And what kind of difference in knots this will be?

crazychemical 15th November 2008 03:53 PM

my guess would be the IS. However, they are said to be technical boards and since I don't know your sailing level I can't really tell.
IN general it's: wider board = earlier planning, lower end speed.
But in the end it's: rider makes the difference.

pierrec45 15th November 2008 08:33 PM

Planing versus end speed
I guess the original question was about minimal planing speed, but Chemical you're right to point out the diff.

I see people aiming solely at minimal planing speed, just to be disappointed with the other 95% utilisation of the board, which is planing+xx knots.

(And/or getting bored with planing at those minimal speeds after a while...)

prpa 15th November 2008 11:28 PM

Tnx on answers
I have Futura 133 and for my weight (95kg) it is very good board, and I use it all the time usualy with my 7,5 sail. What I have doubts about is that on my summer vacation spot where i spend 3 weeks there are more light wind conditions and with F133+9,0 I could not plane. It was missing a bit to get planing.
So I am trying to get more info should I get only new 2nd board (wider) or I have to buy also bigger sail.

crazychemical 16th November 2008 07:22 PM

it's always cheaper to get a bigger sail and the futura can carry bigger then 9.0. I suggest you try a 10.6 fulll cambered. Course you' need a 52 or 54 fin to accomodate it.

Per 17th November 2008 12:56 AM

I must say that I don't agree with the Futura 133/10.6 combination. A 77 cm wide board won't work with such a big sail. I once had a Carve 145 (same width as the futura 133) and my 9.4 was fast and early planing with it. I tried it with a 10.3 sail and planing was worse, control bad and speed lower. I'd go for a 9.5 as max. The F133/9.5 wil plane noticeably earlier than with a 7.5 sail.
If you want true early planing the iSonic would love a 10.6 sail and get going really early.
Anyway, in true 7.5 conditions the smaller board will be a lot more fun and it will even carry a 6.5 sail when it gets windy.


Jean-Marc 17th November 2008 01:37 AM


What's your weight and skills at pumping a big sail in light wind ?

Cheers !


prpa 17th November 2008 04:17 AM

Hi Jean-Marc
Intermediate level. Upwind & down wind planing in harnes and some carve gybes.
I am 95kg weight. And on my futura 133 sail range is 6,0-9,0 so I assume that with
this board I can not get any more "juice" in light wind. I also use limited pumping but
in accordance to my fitnes level.

I am realy interested if someone has experince, how much I will plane sooner in knots
just with change of the board?

i.e if Futura133+9,0 I am planing in 14 knots, SHELL I Plane with iSonic150+9,0 at ~12 knots????

Because if I get something with only change of the board I can look for 10,0m2 sail. And
if this is not case I will maybe look for 11,0m2 sail.

Jean-Marc 18th November 2008 07:40 AM


Unfortunately, I have no experience with Futura 133 and a 9.0 sail with my 65 kg. However, I feel that anything larger than 9.0-9.5 m2 sail with a 48 cm fin will be suboptimal on such a board. Useless to rigg a 10.0 or 11.0 sail on this board because of your heavy weight, thin tail and the 49 cm OFO width limitation IMHO.

I have a pal who weights 105 kg. With a Carve 162 and stock 52 cm fin ( Futura 155), he can start and sustain the planing as of 12 knots with a freerace 9.5 m2 sail. His 11 m2 sail doesn't bring anything better at further lowering his planing threshold with such a board for him. For planing below 10 knots of wind, he's using a Formula + 70 cm fin + 11 m2 sail combo.

So, if you really want to lower your planing threshold, I'm afraid you have to realistically consider something like an 11 m2 sail paired with an iSonic155 or a Formula combo for your weight.

Cheers !


Remi 18th November 2008 09:20 AM

Hi Prpa,

For the same rig 9m you will plane definitelly earlier with the iSonic 150. This board is more easy than the previous one due to the fact is outside of the PWA rules (85cm wide max). So we make it more easier with footstraps more inside and more volume in the nose. There is no big step between F 133 and iSonic 133 for exemple.
If you want to increase your performance with the iSonic 150 and stay really fun and fast top end speed, the good combination will be a race sail like Overdrive or Code Red in 10m.

All the best

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