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Hugh Jarmes 17th October 2006 03:10 AM

Help - Water in the hole!
Can anyone help?

I discovered yesterday (after a week end racing) that the rubber 'O' ring had perished completely on the board vent plug of my SB Formula 160.

I don't know how long it has been like that but the board had taken in some water - not a lot but enough to be "wicked" up when I pushed a rolled up paper towel in. It may have only been in there for a short time but it also might have been accumulating over a longer period.

I've continued with this "wicking" and have put the board in a warm room. I've also turned the board over regularly. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Has much damage been done? Can it be undone? and if so how?

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

Roger 17th October 2006 05:48 AM

RE: Help - Water in the hole!
Hi James,
You can pretty much "dry out" your board if you use "thermal expansion" to your best advantage here.
You are already using the paper towel "wicks" and that's very good.
To get all the moisture out, a vacuum pump is the fastest and best way, but you can use simple thermal expansion" to do nearly as good a job of extracting all the moisture in the core of your board.
Let the sun do the work for you.
Put your board on something soft, top side and vent side up.
Remove the vent plug and let the board warm up in the sun.
Then when the day is starting to cool off, put the vent plug (with a new O'ring, or better still get a small fiber washer "gasket" that will fit in the vent plug counterbore) back in your board to "seal it up".
As the board cools the resuliting partial vacuum will bring more moisture up to the vent plug.
When everything is as cool as it's going to get for the evening, remove the vent plug and put another wick in it.
Repeat this process a few times and the water and water vapor in your board's core will be dried out completely.
Hope this helps,

Greenroom 17th October 2006 08:44 PM

RE: Help - Water in the hole!
I am currently trying to do the same with my starboard.
I noticed water bubbling from the vent when it was in the shade after a days sail.
The only point of water entering could have been through the vent plug as I have been noticing that the last few sessions Ive had to turn the plug more to tighten.
I have been leaving my board out in the sun (deckside up) and tipping the board upside down every hour or so and getting drops coming out of the vent hole.
But I never thought to put the vent plug in as the temperature cools.
thanks Roger
Just a question though, why does the moisture travel to the vent plug while the board cools down?

Greenroom 17th October 2006 08:50 PM

RE: Help - Water in the hole!
Oh and another question, would leaving your board out in the sun (vent plug out) damage it in anyway? Cause delamination? Soft spots? Cracks? Bubbles? I have never ever left my boards in direct sun light unused before and doing this to draw out the water makes me wanna cry even more:(

Hugh Jarmes 18th October 2006 12:52 AM

RE: Help - Water in the hole!
Thanks Roger

Have not had any "drops" like 'Greenroom' but using your method, I am continuing to get the damp paper towel 'wicks'.

This makes me suspect that moisture has got in over a longer period than I had suspected but it is good to know that by employing your suggestion, I should be able to dry it out.

Thanks again.

P.S. who knows, it might reduce the board's weight enough to make me fast!

Phill104 18th October 2006 01:09 AM

RE: Help - Water in the hole!
You still wont catch me:) Shame I can't turn:(

Hope the board recovers. I don't know if it will help, but I have a dehumidifier. If you leave this in a small room with the board it might dry it a bit more.

Hugh Jarmes 18th October 2006 01:28 AM

RE: Help - Water in the hole!
Thanks Phill

Didn't know you cruised this forum

Thought it was only for serious windsurfers;)

I've got it in the conservatory at the moment (much to Bridget's chagrin) The daytime temp in there is still quite warm so it should be OK - but thanks again for the offer.

I could also use that pump you bought from that XXX site. I am sure it could be used for other things:)

Roger 18th October 2006 07:40 AM

RE: Help - Water in the hole!
Hi All,
Putting your board out in the sun surely won't hurt it unless you have an all EVA deck (GO-Rio-Start) in which case it might cause the deck to fade a bit.
If you know anyone with a vacuum pump, a partial vacuum (not a full one as that could cause the board to "implode") will lower the temp at which water turns to vapor and get the max. water out of your board.
Simply screw in a fitting in the vent plug, and put a partial vacuum on the interior of the board. The water and water vapor will be scked out but be sure to use some sort of catch can or vacuum filter to prevent the water and vapor from getting into the pump.
Check out: this link and work with Eva to get the right amount of vacuum to get the max. water out without any risk of "implosion".
Here's the link to the Eva Holliman's site:
Here's another link to how to get water out of your board without a vac. pump.
There's some really good info here on how to dry out your board.
Phill's offer of a dehumidifier is a good one. The dryer the air in the "chamber" were you are drying out your board, the more complete the process can be.
Hope this helps,

SIN909 19th October 2006 03:39 PM

RE: Help - Water in the hole!
When one of my boards had water in it, I put in in a vehicle upside down on a hot day with all windows up. That worked well. Slightly incline the board in the direction that would help the water get to the vent hole. In the afternoon when I opened up my van, the water was well on its way to bubbling out.

Roger 19th October 2006 08:50 PM

RE: Help - Water in the hole!
Hi SIN909,
Are you sure you don't still have some water or moisture in your board?
By placing the vent facing down, you do indeed get the effects of gravity to drain the liquid water out of your board, but any water that turns to vapor as your board warms up goes UP into the foam as vapor rises and is not affected nearly as much by gravity as the liquid form.
The principle (using the vent plug up scenario) is that the water turns to vapor as the board heats and the expanding air inside the board "pushes" the water and water vapor to the surface where you can "wick it out" with a paper towel.
I think that placing the vent plug down would work OK at nite and when the board is cooling to allow any liquid to drain out, but for using
mild heating to push the water and vapor out, during the day, it seems having the vent plug up might be more effective.
You are correct, if you have a ding, and want the water to drain from the ding, then putting the ding at the "low point" is best.
After all liquid has drained off, then put the ding at the high point and alow your board to warm in the van.
Hope this helps,

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