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739 26th November 2008 12:06 PM

Isonic 111 planing
I am thinking of trading in my Isonic 111 that is 2 years old for the `09 model but I have noticed that the new one uses smaller fins which concerns me?!?!
Will I be able to get on the plane with the new one as quickly as with the older one???
I would appreciate a comment from someone who has really tried them not just an extract from the current Isonic page!
Can one of the experts comment please!
Thank you!

erik 26th November 2008 02:43 PM

isonic 111 planing

I changed my isonics 2008 for the 2009 101/122/133

The planing inproved again in this years models. They glided very light over the water in lulls and with one little pump they plane. Great boards.

I don,t use the standard fins, i have spin out with them. I use the curtis rs6b.

have fun,

greetings from holland,


Marko 26th November 2008 04:35 PM

Hi Erik!

Do you think that new isonics suffer from less control in chop because of their improved planing in lighter winds?

I have is101 2007 which is FANTASTIC in chop, but suffer a bit in light wind.

I have is101/122 09 on order and I have plans to use 101 down to 5.5 and very demanding conditions (2007 is great for this).


erik 26th November 2008 07:47 PM

isonic 111

I sailed the 133 with 7,8 in 21 knots and big chop. The board stayed in control. I sailed 59 km per hour on it.
With the 101 i sailed with 5,8 with 38 knots and the board stayed on the water and felt great. i'm still tuning with footstraps and fins.

greetings from holland


bora kozanoglu 29th November 2008 08:56 PM


I am using 111 in most of the time in pwa and offical slalom events and this board is realy great..chop or flatwater doesnt matter; you can put from 6.7 till 8.4 and even 9.0 sometımes and the board has great coNtrol speed and planıng ability..and with 2009 model the top speed is also improved more..hope it helps

TUR 11

auraki 17th March 2009 05:02 AM

How much do you weigh bora kozanoglu ?

Waiting4wind 17th March 2009 03:21 PM

I use a 7.8m and 9m on the 111, at about 88kg. Both work well but the 9 is much better with a 48cm fin. You just need to be careful not to bury the nose and submarine while slogging.

CarlosD 17th March 2009 10:23 PM

Isonic 111 2007 vs 2009
Hi 739,

I owned an IS111 2007, then changed for 2008 model and now Im sailing the 2009 .
As on 2008 the board had a wider tail than 2007, and wider again on 2009 between straps, the board not only plane earlier, but carry better the bigger sails (8.4-9.0), the sweetspot is as usual around 7.8. As regards control the 2009 model, rigged with a proper fin (forget drake stock fins) have and incredible high speed smoother ride, even on chopp, I guess that is in that aspect that double wingers are paying off.

auraki 18th March 2009 01:02 AM

101 vs 111 starboard
So it seems that for a 68 kg sailor, the 111 is the biggest joyce, but what' s with the 101 for light to medium wind ?
Whats the minimum in knots that I can sail efficiently with the 101 and how much with the 111 (with my 68 kg) and sails around 7-7.5 ?

Is there someone with experience to answer this ?:)

CarlosD 18th March 2009 05:37 AM


considering your weight you will start planning at around 10 knots with THE IS111/7.5 M with goog pumping technique, but you will start sail efficiently at +-12 knots. With the IS101/7.5 you probably will start planning at 13 knots but you will start to feel that at 15 knots you will have a much better ride

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