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carlosgp5 12th December 2008 11:40 PM

sailing Formula in high winds
I have been sailing formula windsurfing now for almost 2 years... starting to get confortable up and down wind, racing my mates, very good fun.
My problem, and also most of my mates, starts when the wind picks up, and above 20 knots we all, each one at a level, starts to get overpowered. That can be because of the wind (somedays we are over 30 knots downhere in south of brazil) and sometimes because of the seas (we get often south swells over 2 meters out of the bay).
Well, I am 70kgs, sailing a FW 147 with gaastra vapor 10, R13 70cm fin, and most of people have the FE rigs... and no matter what, we often get overpowered.
I would like to know if you could give us some tunning tips for the high winds... we know some already, before windsurfing Im still a sail boat guy... Its just too much fun to windsurf, and for sure I want to hold my sail upright with high winds...
With smaller sails I get the board impossible to control and untrimmed... I play with the mast foot... I play with the outhaul... I play even with the downhaul... Is that a matter of time in the water or would you guys have a sort of "Comprehensive Guide for Modern Formula Boards"???
Thanks in advance


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