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dan e 20th December 2008 09:19 AM

IS 86 Footstrap inserts
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The rear footsrtap inserts on my '08 IS 86 are spaced 17.5 cm apart. The front ones are at 15.5 cm.

All my other boards, 08' IS 101, 07' IS 145, 09' Kode 74 are spaced at 15.5 cm apart.

Is the 17.5 cm a manufacturing defect? Its difficult and uncomfortable to get my back foot in the back strap because the strap lacks shape (see pic). I use the back most inserts. I tried moving the back insert foward but the board does not trim as good as when the back most insert is used.

I attached some pics.



dan e 11th January 2009 09:01 AM

Any one care to comment?


Ola_H 11th January 2009 04:03 PM

Sorry, I missed this post. Sounds strange. Theoretically, I guess a set of plugs could could be forgotten or placed wrong. Another, and more likely, possibility is that somebody forgot to drill holes in the foot pads. Can you probe with a needle if there are adjacent holes hidden under the pad? If I remember correctly there should be three positions for the back strap. At least was the case on the iS76 08 I had. My guess is that you should find another hole in front ofte two rear holes.

Can you check?

nonopr 12th January 2009 12:21 AM

My board also has 3 holes in the back foot

dan e 12th January 2009 01:51 AM

I found the 3rd hole under the foot pads :D. Thanks a million.

My only peeve is that I spent a year trying to tune this board and couldn't get it quite right because I presumed that there were only 2 hole positions in the back.

Do you think Starboard should compensate me for my pain and suffering caused by this factory defect? :rolleyes: (endless hours of tuninng, trial and error)

The board manage to slip through quality control inpection with this oversite.

My 08 IS 101 has only 2 foot strap position in the back. Is this correct?



Ola_H 12th January 2009 03:43 AM

That's good (but bad it was like that in the first place). Compensation....I don't know but maybe you're dealer can give you a good price on an extra fin or something. Or at least some free tuning lessons. Or you can watch the video on the front page to se what Kevin Pritchard has to say instead.
(As I think you understand, there will of course be an extra set of holes for the front plugs too which you will then probably fins behind the existing ones.)

As far as I recall, the iS101 has two holes for the back strap. Maybe someone with an iS101 at hand can confirm.

nonopr 12th January 2009 06:55 AM

Yes, only 2 holes in the back foot on the iSonic 101.

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