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Doevie! 24th December 2008 04:39 AM

stow tuffskin outside
dear superdudes & babes,

I have a question; I want to store a tuffskin board outside because I don't have enough space in my garage...
My plan is to store it in the roof of the carport, it stay's dry and lies 2 meters above the ground so it needs to freeze really hard to reach te board! (jepp I live in Holland) I don't have a boardbag for the board...
Is this a wise option if I want to keep useing the board for years after the cold winters have gone?

Does somebody has experience/suggestions?

Roger 24th December 2008 05:48 AM

If you loosen/remove the vent plug, your board should be fine tied in the rafters of your
In the attic, in your house would be better/warmer, but if the carport is the best option
you have, it should be OK.
Has it ever had any water inside?
If not everything should be OK.
If it's been wet, then outside storage, without drying out the core, would probably
not be a good idea.
Hope this helps,

PG 25th December 2008 04:32 PM

I, and a lot of my friends here in Finland, have been storing our boards in cold containers over the winter for the last 15 years. At times the temperature drops to -25C. and there has been absolutely no problem.

I have never released the went plug, and have no clue if opening the went is good (equilize the pressure) or bad (let in moisture)...

Anyhow, a few guys windsurfed all vinter last year, and they kept their "wet) boards in the very same containers.

I think your carpark roof will be good storage...

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