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ducati 31st December 2008 06:17 AM

Retro clew cutout
G'day Roger,
I've had Retro's since '04 (luv em) and just bought a set of new ones with the 'clew cutout' and came to the same conclusion as you regarding using lower grommet
(see your quote under)

WHY, is it that using the lower grommet seems to make the sail much more stable
I have my boom just above the middle of the cutout so the top grommet would give the better boom angle but for me the lower one makes the sail feel so much better.

Rogers quote 27/7/08
I didn't like the reduced boom length at first, because I've never liked battens that cross through the boom, but once I got used to the shorter boom and started to use the lower grommet only I have changed my opinion on this.

Roger 31st December 2008 06:31 AM

Hi ducati,
All I can say is that it works.
I'm not sure why.
Perhaps I'll ask Bruce P. next time I talk to him
and see if there's something in the sail designers
"black art" that could explain why the new Retro's feel
so much better using the lower clew grommet, and also
why it's the first sail with battens that cross through the
boom that I simply love the feel of.

mike 1st January 2009 10:26 PM

I have pre-clew cut out retros & sail with the lower grommet even though I have the boom height near the upper part of the range. I don't now for fact but I think it allows more sail twist hence feel more stable.

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