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wiindz 18th January 2009 10:40 PM

Wood boards...?
i am looking into buying a used hyper localy, and it has the wood construction on it, i have heard a few very bad responses to this construction type by a few people around here saying that they are very very fragile and not worth my time.. i realise that asking the manufactorer if his equipment is good can only leed to one kind of answer:D, but i was hoping that you could give me an honest sailor to sailor run down on how fragile these boards realy are (asuming that it is in good shape) and what are they comparable to from the older boards wich is all i have..:D 2000&-
anyways, i apriciate all comments on the topic,

Mike T 19th January 2009 10:18 AM

I just got a 05 wood hypersonic that was lightly used and it is in great shape. As far as I can tell from this board it's very stiff and light weight, it is no more fragile than my other boards. The thing to remember is that all boards are fragile out of the water and in IE Catapults and mast slams! The thing I see the most is how sailors treat their gear getting to the water and back on the car when the day is done. If you use a padded board bag and be a little carfull with the board they will hold up well. If your a hard charger and stomp around your board alot maybe a more robust construction would be best, or if your a fineesse type sailor that is comfortable on a board and doesn't stomp around alot then the wood is probably fine. It's just how well do these sailors, (that say the wood boards are very very fragile) sail, do they use Mast pads, Boom pads, watch the harness hook when climbing back on their boards after a bad jibe, how do they handle their boards when they carry them with the sail down to the water. Do they let the nose slam into the ground. I watched one guy here try someone's brand new wood board and just throw it to the ground from waist high with the sail attached! So if your kind to your gear it will last a long time and it will reward you with many days of fun! Wood boards may not be for everyone but if your up too it, they are alot of fun on the water very light under your feet! One other tip Saltwater+ wetboard+ wetpadded B-bag is not a good combo ( gel coat blisters on a boat that stays hot+wet) Rinse the board and let everything dry and then put board back into the bag I think it helps the paint on the bottom and the finish on the wood! Starboard manufactures some great boards! Good Luck in you quest for a new ride. Mike

BelSkorpio 20th January 2009 03:01 AM

Last year, I've bought myself a second hand wooden formula 161 of 2007.
The board was well taken care of, and thus in excellent shape.
After 1 year of sailing, I must say that I like it very much.
Amazing how fast it is planing, whith almost no wind. 6-7 knots, 10m2 sail and off I go. My windsurfing hours are easily doubled.
BUT, I also admit a repair of a little hole in the deck. Really don't know how it came there, but it must have been during a mast/boom crash.
In the mean time I've also seen other people sailing wooden formula boards with quite a few "white repair bumps". So I'm not the only one.
Now I really take care, because indeed to my opinion the wooden board is more fragile then other boards. I certainly do not advise the board for beginning windsurfers who still crash a lot. Nevertheless, the board sails fantastic and it's still worth it !
No pain, no gain.

wiindz 20th January 2009 07:40 AM

great guys, thank you very much, i would have loved to hear what the team has to say about the matter, but anyways..... i think ill go for the board, and as for what you said mike, im one of those sailors that places their boards upsidedonw to not hurt the fin and on the board bag when there is no sail on them, and then dries them for a day or two before retuning them into their bags. i take very good care of my gear bcause unlike some (like the guy throwing the new board from waist high sail atached) i cant realy afford to replace all my gear every year for used or new equipment.. i still blow by allot of guys on their shiny new kits on my 1992 f2 sputnik and a 9 year old sail, and have more fun then most of them 2. so no complaints in that department so far. i think i will invest in a boom pad to protect the board a lil more, and since my sails all have hast pads built in on them, i should be okay in that department :) anyways, if anybody has a few more comments to add onto the performance of these boards, id love to hear more...

michelb 20th January 2009 07:04 PM

Hello All,

Please consider that Wood boards are a racing machine..... like carbon boards from other marks. If you compare the toughness between both constructions you can clearly can said that wood boards are stronger than any carbon board.
I use to have Formulas in carbon construction ( F2, Fanatic, Exocet), today I have a F 161 too and with the same impacts the wood absorb the hits much better, with minus damages to the board. Now if you are comparing with Technora, Dram and EVA decks.... of course is more prone to damage.

Just my 2 cents.


Mike T 20th January 2009 07:25 PM

Hi! By the sounds of it you'll take good care of your Hyper and it will hold up fine. I hear you on the replacing boards every year, I cant afford to do that either and I was in the same boat. I rode a 1993 MDot Explosion for ten years with a 6.8 North Prisma. I finally thru that board away when the plastic skin seperated from the bottom of the board while I was sailing. Can't complain it was a good board in it's day! You'll have fun on the Hypersoinic It's different, but I'm getting mine figured out, It's like any other board give it time on the water and you'll find it's sweet spot! It's alot different than the old school long and narrow boards I'm use too. Have fun and warm winds! Mike

hermes 26th January 2009 01:06 PM

what about wood carbon technlgy? for wave boards, like evo or kode is better (stronger)the wood? or wood-carbon? for jumping and strenght

Screamer 26th January 2009 02:23 PM

Please don't post the same question on two forums, makes things confusing ;-)

Boom pad won't help you much, since the hyper has such a short nose, a mast will hit it during catapults (the boom head itself will miss it). If you want to protect it, one of those rubber thingies that go around the nose would be better.

One more thing that's not mentioned yet wrt wood boards: wide boards such as hyper or formula can develop soft decks between footstraps, after several seasons of hard use. When buying second hand, I'd be more concerned about this kind of damage than some nose cracks. If a sandwich is separating in this area (where you stand/pump/gybe), it can lead to total failure. So check it when buying because it's invisible (press with your thumbs/palms and lean on it). If it's soft, then ask for 50% price reduction and send it to boardlady ;-)))

Wrt performance, maybe it would be best if you could try/borrow it a bit. It is very different to your narrow sputnik, and hyper is known to be love or hate affair. After a few thousand km on it this is my summary:
1. It has a MASSIVE wind and sail carrying range. There are higher performing boards, but there simply aren't any with a bigger range. You can expect it to carry 6.0-9.0, even larger/smaller if you push it.
2. Up to a point, hyper annihilate chop, just hovering over it (deep double concave)
3. It can carry large rigs but is not an early planer, more effort and better technique required than other 77cm wide boards. But when you get it planing it just never stops, you don't notice the largest lulls
4. Gybing is worse than just about any other board, freeride or slalom :-(
5. It seems to go at it's own pace, it doesn't stop in lulls but it also doesn't accelerate very much in gusts. Here (and in gybing), newer boards such as iS, are much more reactive and exciting.

So there you have it, or you can wade through hundreds of posts on the subject (from 2002-2004) if you're interested ;-)
Good luck

PS I forgot: hyper can reach almost Formula-like upwind and downwind angles, incomparably better than your gunny slaloms from 90's

steveC 28th January 2009 01:53 AM

Hi Screamer,

With regard to Eva, The BoardLady, she recently retired from the board repair business. From what I understand, she's now conducting some classes on working with composites materials. Come summertime, she'll be living at Lake Isabella.

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