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rob from nj 12th February 2009 08:18 AM

Futura 122 or Kode 122
I weigh 172lbs, sail with a quiver of sails from 4.5-8.5. I can water start, ride in the straps, pull off about 6 out of 10 carve jibes, ride easily a 68cm free move board. I'm looking for a free ride board that can be used in wind 15mph and above, that carves well, floates well for tacks, and rides fast. Looks like the reviews on the futura 122 are really good. How much faster is the futura vs the kode in equal sizes in flat to choppy water 15mph and above. I like the idea of a lighter board in the kode but looks like the rails might be more for freestyle and not freeride. I don't do a lot of wave sailing but think about learning some freestyle moves. I want a board that is fast and turns really well. Any feedback on the comparisons of the boards would be great.

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