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carvesalot 18th February 2009 10:03 PM

Tail on Evil Twin vs Evo
Hi Ola,
and all

What is the signifance of the small swallow tail on the ET board ?

This is similar to what was also on some Acids, and I would like to know the plus and minus benefits of it , please.

:0 :) ;)

scottmckercher 20th February 2009 01:18 AM

Well it depends on how the rest of the board is working and feeling as to which particular tail suits best.
When the evil twins were evolving, it was found that the boards were a little skittish in the last part of a turn, thus it was required to straighten out the tail a little bit. Basially the swallow straitens, but gives a little more bite at speed than would an area squash.(ie early evo's.
These boards slowly evolved into pins as it was found out that it was giving better rail to rail response on these boards.
Basially it was just found the swallow was suiting the twins better. Another reason was the twins were having a little difficulty in driving it up vertical, and the swallow was giving a little extra drive off the tail.

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