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pfaffi 25th February 2009 12:19 AM

iS133/09 vs. iS144/09
Hi Remi!
My actual Slalom stuff: iS86, 111, 135(80cm). I am 92kg and 184cm.
Now I am thinking about new light wind slalom board. I can imagine that the new iS133 is very well developed but maybe very close to my 135 or....?? So an alternative and keep the 135 can be the new 144?
On my 135 I like most the CR8,3 up to 9,0. The 10 is not very fine on it. So there should be a real light wind advantage to my old 135. On the other hand I never have heard that one of the pros is using the 144. But that is maybe because of the 3 boards rule.
Thanks for fast reply and your advice!
pfaffi (AUT-84)

mark h 27th February 2009 11:33 PM

Hi Pfaffi, noticed your questions been here for a few days, so heres my take on this.

At 92kg, you will not feel or notice any real difference with the 144 CW the 133. The dimensions are almost the same. The tail on the 144 is just slightly thicker, and the rocker flat is about 1cm longer to compensate for the thicker tail (this prevents the nose ridding to low).

The real difference in volume is only 10trs and can only be noticed by a 100kg plus rider if slogging or uphauling.

You are right in saying that the top pros use the 133 because of the 3 board rule. AA 95kg and BD 115kg kinda shows that the dimensions are key, not volume.

I appreciate that you probably love your 135, but, it wouldnt real be correct to have a 135 and either a 133/144 as both these boards are updated versions of the 135.

The SB briefing on the 133/144 is: 133 for regular gauge riders and the 144 for heavy gauge riders (100kg plus), goes against BD on the 133, but then he is BD and doesnt need the aid of the extra 10ltrs.

For you at 92kg, maybe you should drop the 135 and get the 133. The 09 133 will feel more natural with a 10m because of its wider outline and tail.

pfaffi 28th February 2009 12:13 PM

Hi Mark!
Thanks for answer and hints!!
The only point is the reality of slalom events in our region. If there are low wind conditions there are 3 main points to consider: 1. earliest planing for start and ofter jibes, 2. upwind capability needed in 8-slaloms because of big wind shifts and 3. keep planing in wind wholes (6-8kn). The final top speed is never the point for winning in our competitions.
That all are the points I thought the iS144 will be the better choice. On the other hand I won a lot of races on 135 and the bigger board was always the better choice.
BR peter/pfaffi

Hogar 22nd March 2009 03:31 PM

Hi Pfafi,

I have te same problem deciding between 133 and 144 but I am 105 and allreay have IS122 which is really a great board and I love to use it with 8.4 NPR so I think a better choice for lightwind slalom races would be 144. I think that in the light wind conditions (10-12 knots) with the windholes in the field and a short slalom field where the early plannings capability after the jibes is realy important the 144 will be better choice. Can someone else confirm this.



Remi 23rd March 2009 10:49 AM

Hi Pfaffi,

Antoine (100kgs) and Bjorn (115kgs) use the 133 in the PWA rules. We design the 144 specially for Antoine but finally he chose the 133.

This is the differents you will found between the 135 and the 133 09 :

- More Free
- More comfort
- More Speed and accelearation
- More control
- Perfect to be used with a 10mē

Personally I am 88kgs and the CR 10mē work really great on this board and yes it wasn't the case on the 135. I found also that the 133 is more easy with the CR 9 than the 144, so wide wind range for the 133.

As soon you are not racing in fresh water, I think that the 133 will be better for your sails (8,3mē ; 9mē & 10mē)

Hope this help

All the best

Philsurf 23rd March 2009 08:12 PM

What size and kind of Fin would you recommend for the 144 with a 10.0??

Philsurf 3rd April 2009 08:51 PM

Fin Size??
Anyone out there know what fin size to use with a 10.0 sail and the IS144 or IS133??

mim 3rd April 2009 09:10 PM


did you already try the stock 520 R13...I will get my boards first by the end of next week and I will definetely try the delivered fin at first and may look for something else later. Give it a shot and then you will see.

Ciao Michal.

pfaffi 4th April 2009 07:45 PM

Finaly I choose the iS144. My first test runs with the original Debo52 showed best performance with CR8,3 and CR9,0. On deep downwind, flat water and CR9,0 I toughed the 57km/h (31kn). Next time I will try my powerfull G1 fin in 49,5cm. I expect this fin will upgrade my speed on all courses.

stemeyer 4th April 2009 08:15 PM

Hi Pfaffi !
I've ordered the same board som I'm reading your reports with attention. What is the max size you will use on the 144 ? Did you try the 10m yet ?

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