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amtkim 12th March 2009 02:44 AM

Gaastra Masts

does anyone have any experience with Gaastra masts they could share? I found a good deal on a 400cm Ignition 75 from 2005 and wonder how that would rig on my Naish Session 4.7 from last year as well as on Simmer Icons?



PG 14th March 2009 04:49 PM

Gaastra masts are all top-stiff, much more so than Powerex/Simmer. And according to magazines that tested RDM masts last year Naish was also top-stiff.

The general idea would be that the Gaastra mast does not suit Simmer particularly well, but may well work with your Naish Session.

But I don't have any personal experience.

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