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MGS 1st April 2009 04:38 AM

Re-entry of heavy weight

I used to be an experienced windsurfer but stopped in 1984. No time and too heavy for sinkers (110 kg).

I want to start again, but do not know what board would be appropriate to choose. The surfshop adviced me to buy a Go 144 or 155 but I'm also interested in your opinion.

Other info:
- Surfing on a lake;
- No jumps
- just speed and fun.

kind regards, Marcel

Screamer 1st April 2009 06:51 AM

1984, oh dear ;-)

Marcel, let me start with a few questions:
What boards you used to sail back then? Div2, raceboards, funboards?
What are the wind conditions on your lake (average/gusts, number of days, etc)?

I think it would be best to try a few boards at first, before you buy one. Depending on the wind conditions and how "rusty" you are, you may need a daggerboard (phantom etc) or a shortboard bigger (and wider) than 155 GO.

MGS 2nd April 2009 04:41 AM

I used to surf
- on an 3m board (with daggerboard).
- with 2-6 bft

before that I used to race in national olympic courses on boards like the Tornado division 2, 325liter.

kind regards, marcel

Screamer 2nd April 2009 09:47 AM


I suppose you're interested in planing windsurfing, therefore Go155 with two sails (say, around 7-7.5 and 9.5-10) should get you sorted. This will NOT cover 2-3 bf days (displacement sailing), if those are important to you, you should look for a longboard.

Good luck and report back with your "re-entry" impressions.

LK 2nd April 2009 07:43 PM

You could consider a Futura 155 too.
A friend of mine, away from windsurfing for 15 years (115 kg) bought a Futura 155 last year.
He is super stoked with it.
He bought a JP Supersport 136, it was a sinker for him and too nervous.
Changed to FU 155 and now he is a happy man.
The Futura is lighter and in a few sessions you feel like you never ever stopped WS :-)

michelb 3rd April 2009 02:04 AM

I have a similar background of you. I windsurf up to 1984 in a Carrera and D2. Then 10 years ago ( with 100 kg ) return to ws. First I buy a free ride board 140 lts and a lot of sails from 5 to 9,5. After 5 years of this with a lot of no ws days in the beach I buy my first Formula Board ( a Bic FV1.2). That is the best for Us the old and big guys.
Go Formula with 2 sails 1 x 7.5 mts for the begining and one 10 mts or + ( you will be using 10 mts or more in a few months). Look for something no older than 3 years and fit a nose pad in the nose of the board.

Today I have one board, one sail, one mast and one boom. All the rest was sold.
With a formula and 11 mts sail, you can easily plane ( with 100 to 110 kg) from 8-9 knots to 18 knots in the easy way. And from 8 to 25 if you have a little more experience.
Mucha suerte!!!


troll 3rd April 2009 10:43 AM

Don't skimp on a good boom and mast - when you're a heavyweight you don't want your rig to deflect too much. At least with the new wide boards and formula derived rigs it's never been easier to plane for heavyweights!

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