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stefashka 1st April 2009 01:41 PM

Formula transportation
I'm a newbie, so please don't beat me about probably a stupid question.

I've just received two nice bags with Formula One Design - one with the board and another one with the rest (i.e. sail, boom, mast, etc.). Now, I should place them on top of my car and drive to various windsurfing points. The problem is: the bag with the board is very wide, so the bag with rig cannot be placed beside, so I should place one bag on to of another. So, my question is: is it safe to place the rig bag (which is the heaviest one) on top of the board bag? Roads here in Moldova are quite bumpy, so I don't want to find my board broken when I arrive to a sailing place.

Ken 2nd April 2009 03:11 AM


I used to carry everything on top of my car, but now have a van. I had Thule racks with foam pads on which I would put the first board. On top of the board, I had some blue styrofoam things called "bones". They would lay across the board and I would stack a second and sometimes a third board together on top of one another with the "bones" in between.

They were shaped to fit boards no more than 60 - 70cm wide, but could be trimmed so they could sit flat on a formula board. Then just strap your gear on top. I think it would work if you can find some.

I don't know if they are still available, but you might check the internet to see if they are still around.

Mike T 2nd April 2009 10:19 PM

I agree with Ken the bones would protect the board you might have to use more than two too carry the load of the gear bag. NSI still makes them check out their web site they have all kinds of Pad material. Also I would check to see if the rig bag has straps built into the bottom of the bag that go around the board or over the sides of the board and then attach to the roof racks that way you don't crush the sails inside the bag. I have a North quiver bag that is designed that way. One other tip would be to get a padded mast bag and put the masts in the bag and strap it next to the board. So only the sails and booms are on top of the board. Hope this helps. Mike

stefashka 3rd April 2009 03:10 PM

Ken and Mike T, thank you for your input! I don't know what options are available for me yet, but I've caught some ideas from your replies anyway :-)

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