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nonopr 23rd April 2009 07:00 AM

Question for Remi About the 162 Formula Factory fin?
Hi Remy, I all of the forums they trash the Drake fin that comes with the 162 board. I just got my new 162 2009 Formula board and I got a R-19 Drake Fin. Was it supposed to come with a R-20 fin??
What seems to be the real story with the R-19 fin that eveyone has a problem with.
What would be the ideal fin for that board and how can I get one fin that works.
Thanks ahead of time.:)

JayBeeJB 23rd April 2009 07:50 AM

The website says that the 162 comes with the R19. I understand that the R20 was only to be packaged with the FOD if that were successfully adopted by the IOC.

Sean O'Brien has written an exellent article on about setting up boards that includes comments on fins. There is also an interview with the shaper from VMG Blades (Chris Ting) on that site that gives good insights into what makes a fast fin. I think there is also an article on Miami windsurfing with Dave Kashy that gives good insights too.

Is the Drake R19 a bad fin? Jesper Vesterstrom did a job on Australian formula sailors over a year ago using the stock Drake fin.


Remi 23rd April 2009 03:10 PM

Hi Nonopr,

The fin who is deliver with all the Formula 161 and 162 is the Drake R19. Shurman was use it with great succes but yes If you start to compare it with Custom fins you will found a difference but in price also.

All the best

Marko CRO169 21st August 2009 08:12 PM


Do you still stick to your suggestion from a year ago to use the following fins with F162:
- Under 14 knots : R20
- Over 14 knots : R20 rake +6
- Over 20 knots : R13 soft rake + 6

I ask that as there was an extensive discussion on R20 and its "fragility" vs. R19 etc. ever since ...


Remi 24th August 2009 10:53 AM

Hi Marko,

Their is many option depend of your weight and style, but better to say that all the fins who was working on the F 160 & F 161 will be perfect on the LWR & HWR.

All the best

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