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kvda 9th May 2009 04:53 PM

futura 101 for sonic 95?
A few months ago I bought a sonic 85 (2006). Man, really love that board! Now I can get hands on a brand new hardly used sonic 95 (2006) for a very low price, tried it yesterday: felt great, speed with ease and a light feeling. The sonic 85 i use with 5.4 and 6.2. The 95 would be used with 6.2- 7.2 and maybe 7.8.

But... I do already own a 2008 futura 101 for the same sailsizes. And a isonic 125... Have to say I like the feeling of the sonics 85+95 more than the futura, much more aggresive and more speed with a lighter feeling. But will a quiver with sonic 85-sonic 95- isonic 125 be as good as sonic 85-futura 101- isonic 125???

I can also keep the futura 101 AND the sonic 95... ;)

what do you think??

mark h 10th May 2009 11:02 PM

I used to have a sonic90, 100 and 125. 5.4 & 6.4 on the S90. 6.4 & 7.8 on S100. 7.8 & 9m on the S125. Worked a treat. The biggest sail on one board becomes the smallest on the next size board up (if you get what I mean). You can do the same with your sails and it gives you some usefull cross-over.

kvda 14th May 2009 02:49 PM

Well, tried the sonic 95 a couple of days now, and decided not to take it. The sonic 85 (2006) feels like a better design, more balanced, better range.

I think at the end of the season I will change my futura 101 for an isonic 101 - s85-is101-is125-F155 seems a good setup for me, while the isonic being more performance orientated than the futura.

geo 15th May 2009 05:26 PM

I owned a Sonic95 and have to agree, great range for freeesailing but limited 'competitive' range. It felt great on 7.0, but not enough 'powerful' to hold a 7.6, and I am sure a 6.6 will go already at least as well on a S85. If one decides for a single board quiver, and wants to use up to '7.something' sails, a S95 can be a very good choice; but if one decides to pair it with different sizes boards, it seems the S95 finds it difficult to find its own place. Too much overlap with wider range boards, S85/is86/87 on one side, iS101/111 on the other.
Personally I suspect that such situation is somewhat common to similar sized boards.

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