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Boije 27th May 2009 02:33 AM

Starboard QUAD fin
Hi everyone, I just read this article:

I don't know if any of this has been talked about in the forums before. I just wanted to know more info (if available) from the staff. Are quads going to be available as production boards next year? Will you be able to use them as twinser also? What are the volumes these boards are going to have?

"The bottom of the board now includes a full layer of Australian pine wood that offers a higher resistance to buckling, compression and distortion than carbon-only skin."

Hmm... I don't know about that...

mim 27th May 2009 04:25 AM


I know this info already month or more...a main distributor in each state get an info email from Svein with all the info. All I know is that it will be full production board, in 2x2 options (quad fin/convertible and carbon-wood/wood).

I have to find the printout first and than I can write the volumes and measures to be produced.

But thanks for the link, there were pictures I did not see till now.
I guess the bigest will be 87 liters (that is what I am interested in).

If you would like to know more about the measures and volumes let me know and I will post it...if it is no problem for the starboard team.

PS: I very much like the look of a new Gator and S-1, am out of budget but will probably get some...:D

Boije 27th May 2009 04:44 AM

Hi mim,

if you could post the measures and volumes it would be great.
Also, can anyone from the starboard team tell us why the convertible will only be available in wood and not wood carbon? :mad:

mim 29th May 2009 06:29 PM


I am sorry. I can not find the papers, i will try further and if I will be successfull i will post here. One think I am pretty sure is that there will be 87 model and it will be sligthly wider than 60cm. And i guess each type quad or convertible will be in both options wood and carbon-wood.

Have fun,
ciao Michal.

mim 1st June 2009 02:22 PM


I found this on the net...

66 - 66 ltr, 223cm, 53cm 33.7cm tail
71 - 70 ltr, 229cm, 55.5cm, 35.5 tail
76 - 74 ltr, 228cm, 57.5cm, 36.8 tail
81 - 80 ltr, 233cm, 58cm, 36.5 tail
86 - 87 ltr, 234cm, 60.5cm, 38 tail

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